Organic Growth Vs Player Input

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Organic Growth Vs Player Input

Postby DylPickle » Tue Oct 29, 2019 11:14 pm

I've struggled with this for a while, but with my new batch of character in the current state of the game, this question has been rattling around my head more and more. How strict ought we to be with letting our characters develop based exclusively on their surroundings/environment VS the sort of "divine inspiration" of player input?

First, let me be clear that by player input, I don't mean CRBs with ingame information and ooc knowledge, but more around developing motivations that may not come around organically, but would have a shot at making the game more diversified and interesting.

Maybe it's just the places I've spawned, but it feels like there has been a major reversion to the mean when it comes to structures. If places have laws, rules, customs, or historical institutions, they appear to be largely ignored by the residents or their players (both?) There are far fewer "factions" , groups, cultures than there were at times in the past.

An organic character shaped by their community may experience very few catalysts for a change to their society, and it feels like it takes a large degree of player input to have a chance at stoking a change that could make a location have an identity greater than simply it's personalities.

This is a bit more of a ramble than I expected, but I'd like to hear perspectives.

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