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Re: LabMUD/FutureMUD - it's like Cantr, but telnet

Postby Wolfsong » Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:52 am

Internode NBN dropped out on us. If you have forum access, ask for an updated discord link on there and somebody will probably chat it to you, otherwise you gotta wait a day or so for me to get sorted.
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Re: LabMUD/FutureMUD - it's like Cantr, but telnet

Postby Hommer » Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:18 pm

Ill try to get into the fourms there was trouble with that tho but ill try
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Re: LabMUD/FutureMUD - it's like Cantr, but telnet

Postby Wolfsong » Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:33 pm

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Re: LabMUD/FutureMUD - it's like Cantr, but telnet

Postby Hommer » Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:48 am

Wolfsong wrote:

Ahaha, there.'s expired how long do they last?
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Re: LabMUD/FutureMUD - it's like Cantr, but telnet

Postby MattWithoos » Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:14 am

They're one-use links, so someone keeps jumping in and using it before you :lol:
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Re: LabMUD/FutureMUD - it's like Cantr, but telnet

Postby Wolfsong » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:04 am

If people on here are that keen, I'll paste one that doesn't expire.
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Re: LabMUD/FutureMUD - it's like Cantr, but telnet

Postby MattWithoos » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:13 am

I just invited someone to a Discord channel. And I just saw that option to prevent expiry, so I came here to tell you that to help you out :P You beat me to it!
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Re: LabMUD/FutureMUD - it's like Cantr, but telnet

Postby Wolfsong » Mon May 15, 2017 10:38 am

April 7, 2017
japheth - 04/07/2017
so patch notes for today
It now takes x3 amount of damage to the brain to be knocked unconscious
Skill gains should be a little bit slower
most of the other stuff I worked on is secret stuff for the weekend launch
japheth - 04/07/2017
* Surgical wounds that require stitch up now show when you look at someone
* Forcing someone to swallow pills shouldn't crash the game anymore
* Chargen issue with weird characteristics should be fixed

April 9, 2017
japheth - 04/09/2017
* Fixed a few crashes to do with wounds and effects initialising early, particularly due to ranged combat
* "you" is now coloured in emotes
* Fixed sheaths disappearing
* Fixed a crash with standing up from a chair when engaged in combat
* Fixed numerous typos reported by users
* Improved clean's ability to recognise the liquids it needs
* Numerous usability enhancements when you LOOK at items such as wearables and battery components
* Testing against height and weight
* Changed the way natural armour worked slightly to allow for skulls/ribcages etc to provide some armour to organs underneath
* Fixed a bug with internal bleeding that could make you bleed forever with very small bleeders

April 11, 2017
japheth - 04/11/2017
* Hopefully fixed the MXP bug once and for all
* Fixed the bug with unconscious people staying in combat. They should bow out now if nobody is attacking them
* Above applies to Roombas leaving people alone too
* Fixed a few typos here and there
* Hopefully fixed the bug with branching skills through use not working
* Characters should now get the correct clans on creation
* Fixed the bug with Combat LIST showing other people's styles
* Fixed the bug with capitalised keywords not working for targetting people
* Character currencies should now default to TIME, no more confused newbies
* Some bugfixes to locks
* Triage now shows where wounds are that it spots

April 12, 2017
japheth - 04/12/2017
* Fixed a bug with applications crashing the game
* Fixed foam swords fucking people up when you ward

April 13, 2017
japheth - 04/13/2017
* Somehow bleeding was broken and wasn't evaluting properly in a recent patch. You should now bleed again
* You now only try to clinch when you're standing
* You can now manually stand/sit etc while in combat
* Warding vs Clinch was broken in the logic, you couldn't actually succeed against them. You can now succeed against the ward and get into clinch range.
* Armour use should not go up so goddamned quick anymore (no intel yet on why it doesn't save when you cap it)
* Accent gain massively slowed down, and you now also improve an accent by using it when you speak
* LookIn to a closed container now gives an error message
* Pmotes should now clear properly when you move about
* Radios and other electronics now draw power properly
* A few items now show some additional info when you look at them, like doors
* I fixed a long standing bug that was preventing us from running an "update" command that updates all in-game items to their most up-to-date building version, so you should see your items update soon.

April 15, 2017
japheth - 04/15/2017
* Fixed a bug with dressing corpses
* Fixed the crash bug with cleaning things
* Fixed the crash with feeding people liquids
* More cases where combat should end automatically are now handled
* Characters should no longer die multiple times
* Fixed a few more ocassions where wounds could crash the game
* Fights with more than 1 person against the other are no longer broken - you can get into melee again
* Starting a clinch is now mutual - no more weird situations where you are clinching someone but they are not clinching you in return.
* This one's technically a building change, but it's no longer possible to get locked in a dorm. Even if you don't own the dorm, you should be able to leave it
* Did a bunch of work with some AIs, fixed the self-replicating attacking-while-dead-and-at-range killer robots.

April 16, 2017
japheth - 04/16/2017
* You can now SQUAT and LEAN
* Pens are working again, as are crayons
* Knowledges command no longer displays wonky
* Locks no longer display (locked) in their sdesc
* You now see what dubs you have given to somebody when you look at them
* Position commands (like stand, sit etc) no longer have issues with capitalised text
* I've now put in some logging on all skill gain and branch checks, so I'm going ot be looking in to the balance of that over the next day or two
* The MechaSun is hopefully now properly synced with the in game time

April 25, 2017
Shammat - 04/25/2017
* The walk-in fridge is now properly set to "Freezer Room" terrain. Certain items stored within it may rot at a slower rate. Wink wink nudge nudge.
* Added a few new rooms in The Lab. Their purpose will become patently obvious as time progresses.
japheth - 04/25/2017
* Start to put in some built-in helpfiles for building different item types, so builders know what the hell they're doing
* Started working on implants
* Started working on admin boards so we can keep track of deaths and petitions when we're not online
* Some bugfixes to getting using the currency syntax
* Fixed an echo problem with clinching
* Fixed a bugfix with using socials without a target if they had a direction emote
* Fixed a situation where wearable items could sometimes crash the game while saving
* Fixed a crash that would occur when NPCs without a crawl movement type tried to move while unable to stand
* Fixed combat ending AI (e.g. roombas) not noticing their opponent had fallen unconscious
* new BODY command that shows you what bodyparts you have
* A tool to allow builders to make "Hooks" for scripting without having to hack them into the database
* Fixed merits loading after traits, causing skills to drop from their cap every load
* Trip/Stagger command on its own now only does trip or stagger once unless you use the repeat syntax
* Hiding can now be seen through properly
* Fixed up some of the path finding AI so it was consistent along the different types
* Drugs now load correctly
* Injected drugs now have a short delay before taking effect rather than the full effect being instant
* Some improvements to wandering/doorguard AI to fix a few rare crashes
* Lodged items from the admin wound command now save properly
* You can now stand/sit etc while hiding
* Some crash fixes for the locksmithing command
* Drugs now metabolise faster - tweaked the formula to correct a mistake
* Added in screeching/sonic attacks, which are the first unarmed range attack
* You can no longer put container in themselves
* Using the sit/rest commands with capitals when targetting tables no longer crashes the game
* A butt-load of minor balance adjustments such as skill cap formula adjustments, skill learning rates etc

April 26, 2017
japheth - Last Wednesday at 3:26 AM
* Bows should now drain stamina correctly while readied
* Peace drug now has echoes as you get more/less affected
* Sneaking, peace drug and rage drug now show up in score
japheth - Last Wednesday at 7:11 AM
* Smash attacks should now properly echo
* There are now admin boards for all deaths and missed petitions so we can keep an eye on things
* You can now see all items in your inventory in the dark (you still need to have eyes though)
* Ward counter attacks are no longer automatic hits, the opponent gets a dodge check
* When deciding the balance between damage to your opponent and damage to your bodypart, the formula now uses MAXIMUM hardness of material rather than average
japheth - Last Wednesday at 8:51 AM
* Fixed the problem with bows crashing the game
* You will now wake up after a 5 minute timer if knocked out from pain. You will continue to stay awake even if over the pain threshold unless you exert yourself very heavily or take any more damage whatsoever
* You will now heal a little bit when hungry/thirsty, rather than nothing. The rate is still much faster if you're well fed/watered though.

April 27, 2017
japheth - Last Thursday at 6:10 AM
* Fixed the crash with using allies. Should be perfectly safe to use the allies command again
* Disbanding a party while moving around no longer crashes the game
* Fixed a bug where the scheduler made things scheduled to happen at a particular date at midnight happen 24 hours after they should (hence why your paydays always seemed to be late)

April 28, 2017
japheth - Last Friday at 6:09 AM
* Fixed another crash with clean
* Fixed a bug where dead guests could occassionally crash the game
* Added some debug stuff to allow me to watch healing rates and log to a file if required

April 29, 2017
japheth - Last Saturday at 1:24 AM
* Stun and Pain are now properly affected by bodypart modifiers. This should mean less pain from damage to extremities and no stun from wounds not on the head
* You can now emote, semote and hemote while unconscious
japheth - Last Saturday at 8:04 AM
* Trip attacks have had their speed and damage reduced slightly, and been made slightly more difficult.
* The bug with doubling up your description when emoting with the @'s token is now resolved
* Some effects weren't loading properly for bodies (such as the one that keeps you from falling back unconscious after taking too much pain). This is now resolved.
* Some changes to the way the database stuff is structured should deliver around a 75% reduction in boot times
* Gave admins a way to remove stun and pain
* New command DISLODGE to remove items lodged in wounds. This uses the first aid skill.
* CLEANWOUNDS and SUTURE now require you to be able to see the wound you're trying to patch up (so clothes get in the way).
* Some cases where the action you were doing in your prompt was incorrectly capitalised are resolved
* Typing FLEE while you're fleeing now toggles flee off
* Coup-de-grace should now be able to be used properly on unconscious targets
* Made it take more exertion to reopen bound/sutured wounds, and lowered the chances of both of those happening
* MUD auto-capitalisation should now not treat double-quotes as a sentence ending character unless it immediately follows a sentence ending character.
* Wounds on corpses will no longer show as bleeding once the corpse itself bleeds out
* The emote command should no longer eat periods that follow a token (e.g. multi-sentence emotes ending in a target)
* PEcho staff command now accepts colour tags
* Switch command no longer includes a speech echo about which option you select
* You can no longer get a staggering blow or a trip from hitting someone in an arm, appendage or wing. Must hit them in head, torso or legs.
japheth - Last Saturday at 9:20 AM
* Fixed the issue with all the echos firing at midnight for ANNA
japheth - Last Saturday at 9:41 PM
* Properly fixed the bleeding corpses and the emote thing
* Fixed a crash with effects deleting that was occuring about once a day

April 30, 2017
japheth - Last Sunday at 8:24 AM
* Should have finally fixed the stupid bug with combat messages. Additionally, I think this might make messages that were never before seen visible again.

May 3rd 2017
Japheth - Today at 6:34 AM
* Crutches are now a thing. You need to be holding a crutch on the same side as your injured leg for it to work. Also for humans it only works for people with just 1 injured leg. They'll be available in the sporting goods vending machine.
* Restraints should be mostly working...just gotta do a bit more work on the means of escaping them as they're too OP to release just yet.
* New non-semi-automatic type gun
* Fixed a crash that was making the MUD go down when you logged in and had a drug that was damaging you at the same time as pain tolerance effect
* Thanks to Aisforamity, found a bug with analgesics not working. They should now be working properly to reduce pain.

May 5th 2017
* I can now echo languages in progs, so the ANNA echoes will now have actualy English in them and you won't be able to understand her if you don't speak English
* I made a command for admins to snoop what roles and merits/flaws people who are on have, so they can search for people to mess with better
* There is now a command to swap which hand you're holding something in. It's called SWAP. You can SWAP on its own to swap 1 or more items, or you can specify specific items to swap if you have more than 2 arms
* The "Hang" position for items now works correctly
* Junk command now requires you to ACCEPT if you're trying to junk a container with an item in it. You also have to fully type out the word JUNK, to reduce accidents
* Added the ability for effects to multiply healing rates up or down, for some planned content
* Clinch and Ward will now echo with a "notice" check required, so people won't automatically see that you changed style

May 6th 2017
* ANNA echoes are now English speech rather than just static text
* Almost everything else has to do with top secret dreadzone stuff
* Hindi will now be a language option come next reboot

May 7th 2017
* Updated what scripts you get at chargen as some of the newer languages weren't being considered. Also added the Sanskrit option for non-Urdu Hindi speakers
* New drug type that increases stamina regeneration
* Admins now have a command to wound organs directly
* Admins now also have the ability to see some more info about bodyparts in game to avoid accidentally severing people's heads when wounding people
* Maximum damage for a wound is now the maximum life of the part that the wound is taken - so if you take wounds for ludicrous amounts of damage, they won't take years to heal as they are capped out at the bodypart's max life
* More or less everything else I've worked on this weekend is either prog-related or bugfixes for dreadzone stuff which I can't tell you about just yet

May 8, 2017
* Hiding skill now has more opportunities to check against, shouldn't be quite as hard to branch
* Items now lose their omotes and reset their positions properly when picked up, and should properly save them too
* Corpses now "lazily" load their owning characters which should positively effect boot up times
* Guns now echo to their surrounding rooms when fired
* Languages are now shown separately to other skills in the chargen window for usability as there are getting to be a lot of them
* Containers now show whether they are open or closed when you look at them
* Malay and Bengali are now available as language choices...which in case you didn't know were the 6th and 10th largest languages (by number of speakers) in the world. I'll be looking at adding at least the rest of the top 20 over time.
* Fixed some bugs with the bodypart targeting code which should see the variety open up more endless hits to robot faces. Equally, you will see more hits to varied locations on humans as well, especially when they're helpless.

May 9, 2017
Japheth - Last Tuesday at 7:59 PM
* Mostly bugfixes for today's crashes so far. I think I got the movement, defibrillator and combat ones sorted (which was all of them I saw)
Japheth - Last Tuesday at 8:00 PM
*Also made the Turkish, Swahili and Hausa languages available in chargen
Japheth - Last Tuesday at 11:10 PM
* Fixed a few bugs with firearms echoing and being impossible to hit people with

May 10, 2017
Japheth - Last Wednesday at 11:45 PM
* FIxed a crash bug with coup-de-gracing guests
* FIxed a bug with clan ranks loading in the wrong order
* Fixed a bug with injections - no more non-consenual injections
* New option SET PROMPT to choose different prompt types. Currently got FULL (existing version) and CLASSIC (RPI Engine clone). I'll be adding new forms of the prompt over the next days and months

May 11, 2017
Japheth - Last Thursday at 11:51 PM
* Languages can now be set to be mutually intelligable with other languages at particular difficulties. This relationship can be one way. You can potentially understand things said in other languages that are mutually intelligable with your own but they are likely to be at least a little scrambled.

By default Russian/Ukranian/Belarussian all have a degree of MI, Italian/Spanish/Portugese (hardest difficulty), Dutch/Afrikaans (relatively easy).

May 13, 2017
Japheth - Last Saturday at 10:45 PM
* The description of your language skill level may appear to drop (e.g. previously "masterful" people might only be "fluent"). Your skill levels have not gone down but the descriptions have gone down to match more appropriately the level of skill in the language given all the changes to difficulty and the model
* The engine now sends text in the ISO-8859-1 code page (better known as Latin1) rather than ASCII. As ASCII is a subset of ISO-8859-1, most text should be completely unchanged and the clients that only support ASCII will continue to show it just fine. However clients that support Latin1 will now at least have a chance to display some of the extended european characters. For best support, we still recommend unicode supporting engines
* The MUD now sends the "Go Ahead" telnet command at the end of prompts, which may positively impact on the experience in some MUD clients.

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