Mush: Intergalactic Survival Game

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Mush: Intergalactic Survival Game

Postby Breezy » Mon Aug 24, 2015 4:39 am

This is a pretty cool game. It's a part mystery, part exploration, part survival and occasionally part RP game. You don't make your own character, but you play one of 15 characters, each with a different play style. All characters are human, but during every game at least 2 are picked at random to be alien mushrooms. As a Mush, you try to infect or kill all humans. As a human, you want to survive and along the way, explore planets, research techs and stuff like that.

If you've ever played SS13 (space ship 13, I think), it's almost the same thing, but minus the annoying BYOND software. Games last a few days. My longest was just over 10 days. Game days are equal to real life days and each cycle is 3 real life hours long. For someone who loves text games, I'm terrible at stringing words together. So, end my description here. Check it out and lemme know what you think.
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Re: Mush: Intergalactic Survival Game

Postby KVZ » Fri Aug 28, 2015 8:33 pm

I trying it, but I have no much idea what to do in this game, and action/movement points regenerate so slowly.
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Re: Mush: Intergalactic Survival Game

Postby Breezy » Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:43 am

I announced I was new and another player opened up a kinda OOC chat with myself and another newbie to ask questions and stuff. We couldn't talk about Mush related stuff until all of them were dead, though. The wiki and players like that are your best bet. Or, just ask what to do in general.

The game is supposed to be kinda slow to allow discussion on how to best use your movement and action points and for the hidden Mush players to plot and plan. I wish I knew more people outside the game and could put together a casting. That's basically a group that runs private games with different rules. Eventually, you are able to enable fast rounds that only last an hour, maybe shorter. I can't remember.

I picked Gioele for my last two games, since he's not super important. He just helps out and lifts heavy things when needed. I can't find the link, but there's a guide to which character you should pick based on how much responsibility you want or play time you have. Most characters have specific jobs like gardener, researcher, fighter, etc. But playing through a game or two and seeing what people are doing really helps figure out the game.

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