Any recommendations for games like Banished?

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Re: Any recommendations for games like Banished?

Postby Aduah » Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:02 pm

MattWithoos wrote:That's similar to a game I've always wanted to make.

So naturally I LOVE it.

Please let me know if I can help in any way.

e.g. I could give you free or discounted hosting at - or technical advice, support, game design... community building...

You should start a thread for your game!

Yea, the game is meant to encompass things that we've always wanted to play. You know how when you play a game and then say 'Wow this game is pretty cool, but i wish I could ALSO do this." Thats pretty much what inspired us to make it. Things that we've always wanted to do in games we've played in the past.

I'll start a thread once I write up a bit of a less confusing description of the game. ;)

Greek wrote:Yes, that definitely looks interesting. I'm especially interested into an environmental mechanics.
I've just looked at it, but I've seen something about volcanoes. Does it mean when you are unlucky with selecting a place to live you and your town can die without a chance to run away?

Funny you should mention that. I dont know if you are talking about Banished or my game, but volcanos is something we have mentioned and talked about potentially eventually implmenting. The pros and cons of living on a volcano side. Such as fertile dirt, but the potential of your entire town/settlement being destroyed by an eruption.

My programmer is a big fan of Dwarf Fortress, so he does tend to like some of the slightly more... Sadistic, no no, Brutal scenarios. XD

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