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Re: Settle Gliese

Postby haggismcbean » Thu Mar 17, 2022 9:04 pm

I can now proudly announce that I managed to secure some funding for the game which will enable me to work full time on its development for the next year. I'll be commissioning some talented musicians and artists to make the game come alive, and I'll be working hard on making the world more beautiful and dangerous, and the gameplay more challenging and fun. The aim is to launch a game on steam and/or itch in the hopefully-not-too-distant future. The alpha will close at the end of April so feel free to have a look before then if you are interested or you want to say your goodbyes. There will be an invite only beta at some stage. You'll be able to follow my progress either on twitch - more about that in the future - or right here, i'll cross post my blog posts to this thread.

I'm super excited about the year ahead and hope I can make a decent game. Thanks to everyone who had a look at the game or provided some feedback, and thanks also to Jos for creating Cantr, and for the talented RPers who made Cantr such a great game. It's the main inspiration for my game and I hope to make a decent contribution to this strange corner of the gaming world.

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