Settle Gliese

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Settle Gliese

Postby haggismcbean » Thu Sep 09, 2021 2:25 pm

Hi guys. I've been working on a game as a lockdown project and although there's still a lot to do I think I'm finally at a stage where it's playable.

The game is broadly inspired by Cantr, but with more of a focus on building larger-scale economies and societies
- You embark into the world in a team so you have a 'family' of sorts to begin with
- The world is much harsher - it's very easy to kill people and to die, and characters will die of old age. You will need to protect yourselves from outsiders in order to survive.
- I've tried to create the conditions for a more realistic economy. There is genuine scarcity of resources, and the possibility of famine, to try to force the characters to work together. I think it’ll take a bit of tweaking to get the balance right with this.
- A top down 2D world so the players can make pretty houses, wear cool clothes, and make interesting strategic choices - for example, where to found towns, or whether to build defensive walls.

Please keep in mind it's still early days so although it is a persistent world things could change/be lost at any time, I'm only really looking for people to join who would be okay with this for the time being and maybe even help out with community moderation, balance suggestions, bug reports, tech tree, art, and so on. There's also no guide and not much in-game help at the moment so you'll have to be happy to puzzle things out for yourself (or ask me questions) for the time being. I'm still actively working on the game so I'll make a further announcement when things are a bit more solid.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, please go to and try it out.

There's also a newly created discord here
And a currently empty wiki here

The current development roadmap is roughly as follows, although this is subject to change as the players see fit:
- Old age
- Barricadable doors
- A skill system to necessitate trading/specialisation
- Rot (this is implemented at the moment but only for certain items)
- Tree/animal stock replenishment (currently trees/animals never regrow)
- Tech tree finalisation balance tweaks (I want there to be no useless items, and differing versions of the same item depending on your ability to create bronze)
- Bridges
- Boats
- Dragging and multi-character jobs
- Horses, beasts of burden, and other farm animals
- An intelligent money system
- Richer differences between biomes, more plants, weather
- Child birth

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

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