Make travellers on road visible

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Postby Razorlance » Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:22 pm

I thought the original point of the suggestion was to improve RP on the roads when travelling, not to alter the way criminals operate or those that chase them?

i.e. you see someone new and talk to them, or you see someone you know and catch up, which could have otherwise been missed had you not noticed them with the pop-up.

I vote yes for this, some travellers on long roads would enjoy the company.
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Postby The Latter » Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:16 pm

I agree with Razorlance and I like this suggestion, so I'm in for it.
And I don't see any real harm to people who play criminals.
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Re: Make travellers on road visible

Postby zymurge » Mon May 11, 2020 7:13 pm

Let's revive a decade old thread! I did a quick search and this one seems to cover the topic I care about, so let's revisit where things are at.

Recent scenario: party B pursuing party A in two vehicles on the same road. A knows that they are being chased, and doubles back. Party B happily cruises down the road and somehow fails to notice another vehicle, let alone the one they are chasing, heading right for them and passing in the opposite direction.

I've read the thread and here the arguments. "If you're actively pursuing, you would be pounding the People button every tick ..." Sorry, that's BS. That's like saying that if I'm afraid that someone might hit me I need to check my damage every tick. Cantr is largely an event driven system. You get events when people enter and exit towns. You get them when you run out of food. When you are attacked. When a newspawn appears or someone drops dead. You get them when your activity that you are working on finishes.

Why need that when you should know the approximate hour that it's done and click every tick to find out? My point is, this is an inconsistently applied concept.

Meanwhile, what should be a very obvious thing happening goes unnoticed and it is providing a way to intentionally and unintentionally manipulate the environment. Whether I'm explictly attempting to evade, or if it's just a chance encounter that would offer interesting RP opportunity, lack of eventing on road encounters is a significant miss in game features, IMO.

If you buy into the argument that this is stealth by design for criminals, then how about a compromise? If you are on foot and actively trying to not be noticed, let's say you can pull that off. You should not be able to be stealthy in vehicles. they are large and all but the most modified roads are ostensibly narrowish paths that a vehicle would definitely stand out on.

In terms of the server load argument, I'd say that's worth reexaming as well. Computing has changed considerably in the last 10 years (thanks Moore's Law) and the costs for cloud processing are exponentially lower since 2009. To compute say ten thousand collisions on a a grid system 8 times a day would go almost unnoticed unless the code is horrendously written. The code already exists to determine proximity, since the results can be seen when the People button is pressed. Eventing systems for nearby objects exist and are run per tick at sea for landmarks and other vessels. This should be a pretty trivial thing to do and it would have pretty high value in closing a serious loophole in the game mechanics.

That's my piece. Are there still legit arguments against this change?

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