[Forum Game] Werewolf I: The Hunt Begins

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[Forum Game] Werewolf I: The Hunt Begins

Postby Bleacher » Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:18 am

Werewolf I: The Hunt Begins


Riverville, a town prospering on its mining resources and abundant fish supply, have boasted a subtle population while isolated from the other towns. People are hardworking and infrastructure is steadily growing, thanks to its Mayor and senate.

Recently, four strange totems were found from a recent excavation. People believed them to be sacred and of great historical value and the mayor's office placed the totem in poles in the four corners of the town's borders, believing they would bring peace and tranquillity. . . But they brought something
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Re: [Forum Game] Werewolf I: The Hunt Begins

Postby Bleacher » Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:46 am

The Roles

Except for Villager and Bad Guy, all other Roles MAY , not will, be in the game and is subject to the number of players I get:
Villager : The simplest role, a villager knows nothing for sure, but can use the power of his vote to help lynch others.
Tester (Sage) : The towns secret pathologist. May scan one player per night (by taking blood samples), and will discover whether that person is a regular villager or a Werewolf. All other roles appear as villager.
Shadow Stalker (Guardian Angel) : May choose to protect one person against Werewolf attack every night, but cannot choose to protect the same person two nights in a row, and can never protect themselves.
Town Drunk : This person moves around the town at night, without fear. May choose one person each night, to sleep in his house. If that person is attacked and not cursed , he has 100% chance to know the name of one of the assilants. At all times has 20% chance to witness a murder and recognise one assilant.
Healer : Tends to the almost dead, everyday choses a person to tend. If that person is attacked and isn't cursed, the healer nurses him to full health. The attacked person is able to identify one of his assilants. The alliance of the tended person,in all cases is never revealed in that nights event message.
Werewolf (Bad Guy) : Beasts of the abyss, they are evil creatures thriving on the flesh of villagers whom they hunt on night. Werewolves display a number of greatly enhanced physical attributes. While in their Werewolf form, they possess enhanced strength, reflexes, coordination, speed, agility, endurance and regenerative abilities and are able to crawl across walls with great ease and speed.
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Re: [Forum Game] Werewolf I: The Hunt Begins

Postby Bleacher » Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:57 am

Standard Werewolf Rules
§1A. - You sign up to the game by requesting so in a post in this thread.
§1B - No new players will be admitted after the game has started, except to substitute for another player.
§1C - You may at any time be substituted out by requesting so in the thread.
§1D - Failure to vote on two occasions will lead to immediate substitution.
§2A – Players will vote daily. See Rule 1D.
§2B – Invalid votes (Voting for Game Moderator/Ghosts) will not be accepted and be considered to be in violation of Rule 2A.
§2C – In the event of a tie all tied players will be executed.
§2D - The player(s) with the majority of votes at deadline are considered dead. They will not reveal any inside information after the deadline.The presumed dead player(s) should post in purple text until their true role is confirmed.
§3A - Orders and votes submitted after deadline are ignored.
§3B - Orders (scans, hunts, et cetera) are sent to the Game Moderator via PM.
§3C - Players are responsiblefor any Private Messages missed due to inbox being full.
§4A - Spectators and ghosts may comment, but never suggest a course of action, reveal any new information, including vote counts, or discuss any details of their former character, in the case of ghosts. Preferably spectators will comment only in a manner tangential to the actual game.
§4B - When doing ghost/spectator commentary, please use a non-default colour.
§4C - Please don't use the same color of text as the GM is using.
§5A - Alliances and Feuds which aren't based on your characters or roles in the game between players are forbidden. Alliances and Feuds which continue from one game to another undermine the whole idea of the game.
§5B – When IG circumstances makes your character change alliances, ex- when a cursed villager is hunted by a pack, you should not share any information with your previous alliance. Failure of this would result in auto-lynch.
§6A – The Game Moderator has the last word on all matters.
§6B – If the Game Moderator makes a mistake (e.g. with the vote count, hunt/scan orders), if critical information has been revealed, the mistake will be kept.
§7A – Forging PMs is allowed. Screenshots of PMs is not.
§7B – Posting or quoting of PMs from the GM is not allowed - real or forged.
§7C – Players may use PMs to coordinate their actions. Players are reminded to use the public thread where possible.
§8A – Voting must be done in the following way. Write"VOTE" and the person you are voting for in bold text.
§8B - If you wish to un-vote someone, write "UNVOTE" and their name in bold text.
§8C - In case of re-voting without un-voting the original vote will be the counted vote.
§8D - Do not edit votes after posting them. If you make a mistake, unvote and revote in a new post.
§8E - Votes should be oversized or clear of other text to ensure they are not missed by the GM.
§8F - We won't be super specific about how you must vote, but be a dear and hit atleast two of these: bold, larger font, dark colored text.
§9 - The GM can and will remove players if the GM believes that player is adversely affecting the game, for example through failure to fulfill voting obligations or deliberate violation of the rules. This will be done through the use of killing the player's role, or using substitutes, if they are available. All such decisions are made solely at the discretion of the GM.
§10 - Failure to vote on 2 occasions without prior notice will result in automatic substitution. If no substitution have been found 6 hours before deadline, the player will be autolynched at next deadline.
§11 - Most games will start with one player dying on the very first night, without even having gotten to vote and such. It sucks to get killed off first, but its part of the game. On the upside, the first player killed automatically gets 1st dibs on Substitution, no matter who else has signed up for Subs.
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Re: [Forum Game] Werewolf I: The Hunt Begins

Postby Bleacher » Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:05 am

This game won't have individual traits just for the sake of simplicity. Sign Up begins now.

Deadline: The deadline of this game is 17:30:00 GMT. Votes on 17:29:59 count while those on 17:30:00 don't.
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Re: [Forum Game] Werewolf I: The Hunt Begins

Postby freiana » Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:18 am

I'm in.

Is it maybe possible to use two real days per game day? This because we have people in different timezones: if we just do one day some people will have to vote before they can see all the opinions/ideas of others, which isn't exactly fair.
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Re: [Forum Game] Werewolf I: The Hunt Begins

Postby Bleacher » Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:33 am

People in the previous game too asked the same thing.. I have no problem with it. Rule modified. . . From now on, each Game Day is of 48 hrs. Players may vote, unvote, revote, trash talk (encouraged) until the deadline and start with all the above after the GM posts the results.
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Re: [Forum Game] Werewolf I: The Hunt Begins

Postby shaanoo » Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:37 am

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