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Postby EchoMan » Fri Oct 14, 2011 8:40 am

It's time to put the old Known Bugs thread to rest. Reading eight pages of posts to find out if your bug is already reported isn't really a good solution.

This topic will (eventually) be kept locked and updated with bugs and workarounds by admin. For now, please report known bugs and workarounds in this thread, and staff will add them to the list. Note that your posts will get deleted once the information has been added.

Problem: Dragging project is at over 100%
Solution: The one who started the dragging should cancel the project and start again.

Problem: I can't break a lock
Solution: Unlocked locks can not be broken, but can be disassembled with a screwdriver.

Problem: I can't pass things whilst travelling on foot
Solution: This isn't a bug, just the way the game mechanics work. You'll have to wait until you reach your destination.

Problem: I want to get a picture I made in a note
Solution: Use the upload image button when creating a note

Problem: I cant't login/Cantr doesn't load or the forums. Oh no. No Cantr!
Solution: At about 06:30 (GMT) the server does a backup, and this lasts only a few minutes normally.

Problem: I was trying to dock my ship to land, and suddenly I'm in the middle of nowhere
Solution: Contact support, they will move your ship back.

Problem: I undocked from something/place, and now I don't see an option to dock back.
Solution: Move your boat, and docking options will appear next tick.

Problem: I disassembled a machine, and didn't get any resources back.
Solution: Check the ground. If it's not there, contact support, and try to have at least 1g of each resource you should have gotten in your inventory to make it easier for them to replace it.

Problem: I can't see when people pass notes/objects.
Solution: It is currently a feature that passing notes or objects is only visible to observers if the both the giver and recipient are in the same location.

Problem: I'm having a problem turning around on a road.
Solution: First, you need to be moving to turn. There are known instances of characters turning but still going the wrong way. Always verify your direction when turning.

Problem: I can't match the speed of characters in vehicles.
Solution: The match speed button only works if both characters are on foot. Sorry.

Problem: There's too much weight inside the building/vehicle I'm trying to enter.
Solution: Drop down to 0g of weight and try again. If you are still not successful, contact support and give the name of the building/vehicle that is clogged.

Problem: Images in my note are not appearing
Solution: If the images are externally hosted (a no-no), they may have been removed/blocked at the host website. If the images are stored on Cantr's server, it may be a traffic load issue. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact support.

Problem: Images are not loading on the location page
Solution: This is a known problem with some browsers. Refresh the page (F5) and the images should load on the second attempt.

Problem: Can't store clothes in container
Solution: Wear and undress the clothing item that can't be stored. On the storage page, if it says that your clothing item weighs 0 grams, storing it will fail.
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Postby EchoMan » Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:47 pm

We have had a couple of incidents with storing fuel into engines. It doesn't happen often, only two times that we know of so far. Meanwhile, if you have a specialized engine with a fuel injection system, please do not store anything in it, besides the fuel it is designed for. Thanks!

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