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Inactively Active? Please help!

Postby Hyperborean Wanderer » Tue Dec 29, 2020 5:28 pm

I joined Cantr a few weeks ago and have been playing on Genesis (The Green Server?) as Siobhan O Ceallaigh. Today, it wouldn't accept my log-in credentials, even though they're the same ones that my computer punches in for me every time. For lack of any other ideas, I tried resetting my password, which worked, but when I went to my email account to do so, I found a message from Cantr saying my characters had died from inactivity, even though I was just playing last night, as I have played every day since I joined. When I was finally able to get into my account, it shows I have no created characters.
So I have multiple questions. The first is, what caused this to happen? Why would my account be deleted for inactivity when I am on every day? The second is what happens in the Cantr worlds when a character is deleted for inactivity? Does the character die, or just vanish? The third, Is it possible to retrieve my character if it has already been deleted? The fourth (dependent I suppose on the answer to the second) is whether it would be possible to recreate the character with the same name and just work it into the story, as though she spawned, vanished, and respawned again without knowing why? I realize she would probably no longer have her inventory, and her skills might be different, but I've put an awful lot of work into this character, including much research and a book in progress, and it would be extremely discouraging to lose all that. The fourth question is, if she can't be retrieved, and the games rules don't allow me to recreate her, is there any point in creating a new character? How can I be sure this won't simply happen again?
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Re: Inactively Active? Please help!

Postby Greek » Tue Dec 29, 2020 11:40 pm

Hello. Please send me your login or account ID in the private message. When this will be confirmed as a bug and I'll get approval to do it, revival of the character is not a difficult task.
I need to know what exactly happened to fix it and be sure it won't happen again.
In general, when account is removed, then all the characters die which produces a public event to everybody in the location and the inventory is dropped. It's possible it doesn't fully work this way on Genesis, because in the past there were technical issues that made the process a bit different for those characters.
Character's properties won't change, the only problem will be how to handle the fact that the character was dead for some time and retrieving the inventory.
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Re: Inactively Active? Please help!

Postby Joshuamonkey » Wed Dec 30, 2020 12:08 am

I haven't heard of this happening before, and yes we can revive your character.
This likely happened because you don't have any characters on the "Cantr" world, just on Genesis.
Edit: Done
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