Дискуссия об игре (не в качестве персонажей) для русскоязычных игроков

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Postby Jos Elkink » Thu Aug 19, 2004 7:31 am

Izvini, ya ne ochen' khorosho govoryu po-russki :) ...

[quote=""]Dear Jos Elkink,
We are sending you this Webmaster Update because we thought you would
like to
know what Internet users think of your site.

Statistics for Cantr II
Average Rating: 10.00 (10 is best, 10 is worst)
Number of Ratings: 1
Number of Reviews: 1

So check out "Cantr II" on Weblist at ...

The Weblist Team.[/url]

Does this mean no Russian players like our game? ;)

I pazhaluisto, ckazhi menya, esli ty znaesh drugoi sait, v (?) kotor... my mozhet' ... advertise :) ... (If it is really incomprehensible: "Please tell me if you know of any site where we can also advertise :) ...)

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