I'm now taking commissions for drawings

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I'm now taking commissions for drawings

Postby SekoETC » Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:51 pm

I've decided to start taking commissions for drawing characters. This means I won't do free requests anymore.

The prices are as follows:

- €6 ($6.74) per character if black and white in pencil or felt tip pen

- €8 ($8.99) per character for a drawing colored in Photoshop

- €2 ($2.25) to add a simple background (for example a ship's deck or a landscape). I won't do complex backgrounds for now.

Payments through PayPal, I will need your email address for that.

The rules:

- You need to offer a detailed description of the character(s). In addition to clothes worn, the character can be holding 1-2 items, the most complexity level being a crossbow. A small pet, such as a bird, counts as an item. A large pet such as a wolf or a horse counts as a second character and thus costs extra. You can link to photos online for reference, or I can suggest possible reference photos if you can't find any yourself.

- I will draw one pencil sketch first and you can suggest adjustments to that. If you feel the pencil sketch greatly differs from what you were after, you can still cancel at this stage. After that I will draw the stage 2 pencil or felt tip pen version, and I can make small adjustments to that in Photoshop afterwards if necessary. If you've requested a colored version, you get to also suggest edits after the first colored version.

- If you want the whole thing drawn in Photoshop, it will cost the same but the height is maximum 800 pixels (of the canvas, the character(s) on it will be somewhat shorter), where as for pencil or felt tip pen drawings, the maximum height is 210 mm, so they probably come up bigger depending on the scan aspect ratio. The width will depend on how many characters there are.

You can look at my deviantart gallery for reference, and if you want me to follow the style of an earlier drawing, I can do that.

Example of pencil drawing with simple colors: Image

Examples of felt tip pen drawings with colors: Image Image

Example of uncolored felt tip pen drawing: Image

If you're interested, PM me.
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