Hi from kinvoya!!!

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Re: Hi from kinvoya!!!

Postby Surly » Sat Apr 25, 2020 5:18 pm

nitefyre wrote:
Surly wrote:
kinvoya wrote:Hi, Surly. I was just teasing about the boys playing Cantr. I guess Jon is mad at me, now. Come back, Jon.
I know you were. But I started aged 17 as well, so I couldn't let that go without some kind of comment!

Jon always was a bit touchy. If you mention Hobbes or Locke, he'll probably come back. :wink:

I was going to let that one sit for a decade, but sheltering in place if suited to nothing else is best for figuring a retort.
This was certainly a unexpected push notification to get! :lol:

This thread is like a crashing wave of nostalgia. I miss that time and (most of) the players from then. Hope you're doing well nitefyre, and anyone else who reads this thread, and thank you for some great memories.
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