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Staff Opportunities

Postby sherman » Sun Nov 15, 2020 5:13 pm

This is an administration announcement, on behalf of the Game Administration Board.

Good day for everyone! As everyone knows game has had major changes on mechanics and staff and ownership. Despite Discord taken major place on community, forum is not forgotten and one part of this is to improve communications across all the channels. And so, it's time to make new thread for this one!

This thread will list the roles that we believe need most need applicants. If you are interested in any of the roles listed you can apply either by clicking “join staff” at the bottom of any page on and fill the google form or just go straight to google form from this link:

We try to keep this up to the date and even if the job isn't listed here all applications will still be considered. The link to staff wiki page is here where you can see in detail all departments and their most common tasks and requirements.

Here's however for all interested brief but detailed overlook:

What Do The Staff Positions Entail?

In All Departments:
- Generally we ask you to take part in conversations on Discord and the Forums.
- You must understand the game rules and Cantr's mission.
- Your goal will be to improve the game for everyone.

Players Department:
- As a department member whose responsibility is to make sure the game rules are followed, it's important to understand the Capital Rule.
- You should have the skills to organize information and make decisions based on the data.
- You will accept new players.
- Since you will be watching the game rules and communicating them to players, it's important to be kind and sincere in your dealings with the players.
- With very sensitive data on your hands it's important to understand you can't share the data with people outside of PD.

Resources Department:
- You will take part in discussions about and implementing new things onto the game.
- You will have an important vote on whether things will or will not be added onto Cantr.
- It's important to know how to analyze things on a wide scale since many factors can affect various parts of the gameplay.

Programming Department:
- You must know SQL and PHP/JS or some other programming skills (See the wikilink)
- You will be discussing and implementing (programming) new things into the game.

Public Relations Department: This consists of a Communications Team and a Marketing Team.

Communications Team:
- Your job will be to watch Discord and the Forums so your amount of activity will be important.
- It's also helpful for you to know how to moderate on a PhBbb Forum and on Discord.
- You will be making announcements and posting on various social media accounts.

Marketing Team:
- You will create and analyze player surveys and determine new strategies to attract new players to the game.
- You will be creating and managing paid advertisements.
- Graphic design skills and marketing experience are a plus.

Languages Department:
- Translates Cantr from English into various other languages.

Human Resources:
- You will organize things on Trello.
- You will manage the new staff hires.
- You will ensure that staff policies are followed.
- You will remind staff about tasks.
- You will encourage a good working atmosphere.

At the moment most needed ones are on:
- Players Department
- Marketing team

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