Characters of the Month, April 2019

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Characters of the Month, April 2019

Postby ToxikCoffee » Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:33 pm

Form is here:

Rules are the same as the last two months:

- Vote for as many characters as you like, but only 1 per location. If someone else votes for someone from Siom, though, you can vote for that character or someone else from there too. The 1 per location rule only applied to your votes! You may vote for a seafarer as well. This does NOT apply to the location rule! Please, when voting, mention the character's location, not age!
- It is encouraged to vote for every age range possible to promote fairness, but it's okay to miss one or two! Or three, or four....
- You may also vote for multiple characters of a specific age range!
- You can give characters points towards votes like in the Character of the Year thing, though it is a maximum of ten per character ('cause I'm busy a lot).
- Reasons for the points are encouraged to promote healthy and skilled roleplay!

Results will be posted on the first of May!
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