The Dead Character Thread

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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby sherman » Fri Apr 08, 2022 6:55 pm

Sad to see you go. I personally had pleasure to play with Penelope and it's a big loss for her family to see her go. All your chars were pretty well known and they will be missed
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby alecto » Fri May 06, 2022 6:42 am

Rest in pieces, Myfanwy Arabella Parry. Your spirit just never recovered. :(
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby alecto » Mon May 23, 2022 3:19 pm

Farewell, Gala.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Shedevil » Sun May 29, 2022 11:41 am

Goodbye Jaime. :cry:
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Wasindear » Mon Sep 05, 2022 9:55 pm

Yeah, heard about this one, made me sad to hear.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Shedevil » Sun Apr 02, 2023 7:44 am

It’s been enough time I think. I’ve had to cut back on characters due to real life.

Bri - wandering bird and animal enthusiast. Loved her story and how it unfolded though towards the end due to life she pretty much turned into a sleeper. Hopefully someone will adopt Wes and love that little pesky pigeon as much as I did.

Lilianne - Honestly it was hard to let her go but it was time. Jaime was her entire world and when he passed it broke her spirit. She tried to survive but being the last member of the family left her alone too much with her thoughts. To the player of Timothy in Seatown, you made things easier for her at the end but she just couldn’t wake up anymore.

Val - my poor little one scared of even her own shadow. I disconnected with her a long time ago but kept hope that I would revive my interest in her. Moving to Klojt and having her basically be a hermit because of the large crowds scaring and overwhelming her just made it too hard to really connect with her. To the player of Erich, I hope he doesn’t take it too hard.

More may be coming from me sooner or later. I’ve trimmed what I could without completely quitting. Real life sucks.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby miirkaelisaar » Thu Apr 06, 2023 2:44 pm

XiaoHu Trueheart of Halwende Mountain

Yes it's long, I have a lot to say. Don't like it, don't read it. I'm not your professor and this isn't an assignment, you can ignore it.


"Their gender is indecipherable. Pin-straight black hair, down to their waist. Skin is deeply tanned from being outside. Bright hazel eyes and an athletic build, sharp reflexes, a very serious face, and a monotonous voice.

Appears aloof when addressing people, though there's almost always some emotion revealed in the eyes, usually sadness or loneliness. Jeans and gloves dyed black as coal, as well as the leather jacket, flat cap and heavy steel-plated boots.

Very thin, despite a muscular physique, as if doing a lot of work with very little food. Has a heavy limp; the cause - a deep scar on the hip, is usually hidden. Another gnarled scar mars the right forearm, several thin, deep scars like claw marks below it. Left wrist seems stiff, as if it had been broken and never healed right. Ungloved, it's clear it was crushed at some point.


flat cap - a soft tweed cap with a small brim in front, to which the front of the cap has been attached to give it its characteristic shape

silver scarab earrings - Each earring in the set consists of two silver clasps which attach to the tops and sides are of the ears. The decorative clasps are linked by a fine silver chain which terminates at small scarab shaped studs. The metallic green chitin of the carapice gleam like living jade encased in silver settings.

glass necklace - a necklace of fine iron wire supporting a vivid arrangement of glass beads displayed around a large diamond-shaped glass pendant

leather biker jacket - a zip up leather jacket with overlapping front panels to provide improved protection against breeze. In addition it has riveted collar points, belt loops and several pockets

flannel shirt - a comfortable button-up shirt made of soft flannel with a checkered pattern, fitting loosely around the torso. It has a collar, buttoned cuffs and two breast pockets

fur-lined leather gloves - a pair of warm gloves made of leather and lined with short fur

silver bracelet - a shining band of silver wrapped around one wrist

skinny jeans - a pair of denim trousers which hug closely to the skin, cut slim and comfortable from hip to ankle to flatter the wearer's silhouette [undress]

knit wool socks - a pair of loose-fitting wool socks, ribbed around the ankle to keep them from falling off

reinforced boots - sturdy, padded leather boots, buckled nearly to the knee, reinforced with metal plates over the shins

(He also wore an obsidian Klojt University hand-greeting signet ring given to him by Elyos Vycarius, but I think I had him remove it before death because he thought it should go back to the population and not be buried with him.)


XiaoHu spawned in Halwende Mountain on day 3219. Immediately he knew something was wrong, and that he didn't want to exist with the (female) body he was given. But people fed him, and talked to him. So he stayed alive. Arenti Trueheart and his wife basically raised him, but it was short lived in the long run, they died probably in the 4000s and XiaoHu was mostly alone except for a few friends who would fall asleep and die, or move away.

He spent his life conflicted. Partly because he was on the Autism spectrum, he never, ever did understand social or emotional norms, I tried to give him chances to learn and grow, but no one really tried to open him up. The way people acted and made everything look so easy, just frustrated him constantly. If he tried to make small talk the way others did, he always came off weird. My only fully trans character (I have some who like their body but want to be different to attract certain people, for XiaoHu it wasn't like that, he doesn't even know what sex is). Also my only FTM character, the only character who shared my own assignment and dysmorphia. And just like me, he had few friends, few family, had no real life to speak of, and was depressed all the time, no matter who was there or what nice things they said, it was always through a veil of fog and no one could reach through. Constantly asking people to not call him "ma'am" despite the fact that he looked as androgynous as I could make him, it didn't seem like many people listened (and like hell anyone pays any attention to emoting and descriptions these days). No one really got it, and because he didn't know what he was, having never heard of or met another trans person, he never directly asked for such, knowing it would just make him more of an outcast. It wasn't until K of Shortinazy tried to talk him down from suicide and talked to him that one person in the world accepted who he was, and I started emoting as "he" instead of "they", but sadly it was too late, XiaoHu lost the will to live long before that.

He was in love with Elizabeth Windowpane for a long time but that faded, the only person besides his family, the Truehearts, that he ever really trusted or cared about. She had no idea, and toward the last years of his life, she intentionally shut down to him and ignored him, refusing to even respond to a "hello", though she would respond to others around her. This, in combination with other things, told him that there wasn't really a point in carrying on. People told him to travel the world and meet new people. Why? So he can be in a different part of the world with new people who will eventually despise and leave him? Somehow he didn't see the point of that.

He had a mangled left hand from being attacked by Dire Wolves and never asking for help healing his arm. He was devoted to ridding the mountains of wolves and protecting the Snow Leopards, the symbol of Halwende Mountain.

His most traumatic incident, was when he set his owl down (the Great Horned Owl that belonged to Evangeline Wordsmith, it was described, like Evangeline had described it, as having galaxies of stars in its eyes) to let a friend pet it. A girl standing outside came in, ignored piles of gold and diamonds on the floor, and took the owl, running to Dragonloft. Upon arrival and trying to capture the thief, XiaoHu quickly realized it was all a trap. The girl had already handed the owl to someone else and was just hanging out in town. XiaoHu tried to arrest her for thievery. Novus Loreis and his guard Claire jailed him, and claimed it was because he can't assault people even if they break laws in his town. Then Novus said he wouldn't have to do jail time, if he signed a contract bequeathing Halwende's assets in percentage to his mining company henceforth. Having no choice because he had to get home and feed sleeping friends, he agreed. He was given his owl and when leaving for home, noticed the thief hanging out with her boyfriend, a citizen of the town, she had fully been sent to spy on him for an opportunity to take something precious enough that he had to give chase.

Worst of all, Marco Paublo Francesco-Diaz, who had spawned in Halwende Mountain, to whom XiaoHu gave a car and everything he needed, so he could just move away to Dragonloft, stood there siding with Novus, ignoring the obvious injustice. Brilliant engineer and designer, callous coward to the people who brought him up in life.

Later, Dragonloft also forced XiaoHu to agree to stop telling people about the incident, stating that they would imprison him if he brought it up unprovoked again and forcing him to sign another contract stating so.

Years passed, most of XiaoHu's friends and enemies died. He spent many years collecting stone and building a monument of a snow leopard in the mountain. Only Brother Clay helped her, looking for something to do before he died, presumably, because everyone treated him like shit too. Go figure. That monument will stand forever on the backs of two forgotten people no one loved and everyone treated like shit. If monuments were destructible, they'd probably take it down just to erase XiaoHu's existence entirely, I wouldn't put it past anyone. Elizabeth once asked XiaoHu to design some benches with snow leopards, and years later, they'd been removed or changed to another design because Elizabeth didn't like it or something. He noticed that and wondered why, but didn't even bother saying anything.

Finally, waking briefly from a long coma, he moved to Shortinazy, hoping that Elizabeth and the others would keep him alive, but maybe also motivate him, by living in a bigger town, where people talk instead of just blacksmithing all day and staring into space like robots (the rp-less sims make the game less fun, sorry not sorry). Sadly Shortinazy had become basically exclusively rp-less simming automatons just like everywhere else. And so XiaoHu slept, and slept and slept.

At a point during the holidays of 2022 I got back into my characters, and most of them have been doing really, really well, waking up, finding new lives and loves, even at 200+ years old. Poor XiaoHu was not having it so well. One person in town, Kurt, seemed to pay attention, taking waster-swings at him every day and missing pathetically, probably on purpose just to cheer him up. It caused a spark of amusement, XiaoHu kind of started to wake up again, just to taunt Kurt, hey, maybe he did actually have friends and wasn't just a statue to these people. Primus also interacted a bit, and K, who was kind to him and seemed to actually care a bit.

So when people started saying hello, XiaoHu decided to say hello, instead of just staying quiet all day. It started to evolve (because I've been trying to do this with most of my characters to combat this disease that seems to be killing off all the good RP) into actually talking to people, mentioning his past, even joking, very slightly. He was starting to open up for the first time, even if Elizabeth still kind of ignored him, at least he felt kind of, half way alive.

And then Gin visited :)

And we all know Gin :)

But XiaoHu didn't know Gin, unfortunate for him, besides hearing her name on some prior visit, and sadly didn't know that you can't open up in front of her, even if you're talking to someone else and it's none of her damn business. She will crush you, your dreams, everything you are. She reminded XiaoHu nice and hard, that people don't care about his past, or his present, or his future, or his life, and that trying to make friends when you don't know how, just makes you look like a weirdo. No one cares. And as his friends stood silent, not saying a word in his defence, he realized exactly that. No one cares. There was no reason to continue to live. For a while, he retreated to the Castle Shortinazy to think, but it didn't get better, it felt worse and worse. Still no one cared, if he could sit in a building for days and no one cared, he could die, and no one would care, that really proved it all to him. He cried harder and harder, something he rarely ever did in life. And finally he wrote a will and handed it to Elizabeth Windowpane, telling her that he just wanted to go lay to rest with his family in the mountains. Elizabeth probably never even noticed that whisper or note, she acts like she didn't, anyway.

When XiaoHu realized he wasn't able to drive his truck up the mountain, he dumped all his things back in town to try again, unfortunately it was actually because he had the wrong kind of fuel in a stupid tuned engine, so he was stuck. He thought maybe he'd just die there on the road. K finally came to ask him to return, so he did, and K treated him like a human for the first time, talked to him, and was the first person to tell XiaoHu that it was okay that he felt like a man despite spawning with a woman's body, and that people would respect it. XiaoHu cried, and K hugged him, the first hug he's probably ever had. Still, it was too late, XiaoHu was a broken person, ruined, finding his identity couldn't save him, nothing could. I feel bad that K went to the effort of getting XiaoHu a house to put his stuff in, but I already made up my mind, I don't like to play characters that put a lump in my throat every time I open them up and make me feel so awful for their existence, it's torture, XiaoHu needed to die, for my own mental health, he's just too depressing. And so I picked a time that evened out, 7579 because his spawn date was 3219, that makes it exactly 218 years from spawning to death, I clicked the timer on 7576, and had him go into his home and lay down to wait as he felt his life weakening but never said anything to the others, rewriting his will but with some adjustments, now leaving everything to Shortinazy but specifically to K, Kurt, and Primus for showing kindness to him (before he had it written that it would go to Elizabeth, but you know what? Screw you, lady, you're cold as ice), and letting Elizabeth actually know how much it hurts that she pretended he didn't exist for the last several years at the end. He also wrote a short note about who he was and his life, stating that the monument is his only mark left on the world. And then he passed peacefully in his sleep on the morning of 7579.

Good riddance though, I wasted <u>almost 12 real life years</u> playing that boring ass character, trying to make him into something, no one ever wanted to interact and open up his personality under his mental blocks and depression, if your character isn't a bubbly happy little babydoll, no one gives a shit, I wasn't going to change his personality falsely to fit in, I wanted actual Character Development to evolve with other people, but no one gave it any chance to change naturally through character development because they all wanted to shun him and treat him like shit or just sim-work and ignore that half of this game is also RP because it's a society simulator, not a farm simulator, I can go play farmville if that's all I wanted. Even when I tried to force him to change, I couldn't, because XiaoHu like all my characters, are their own person and once they exist with a set personality, I RP into their life and their mind, and I won't just RP my depressed autistic character as suddenly being social and outgoing out of the blue one day, to make it easier on everyone else. I've had characters flip their entire attitude, but it took years of development of emotions, and most importantly, the efforts of others to RP along with it, I can't play this game all by myself. This was supposed to be an RPG, on top of being a simulator, they still list this game under MMORPG category for some reason, but the RP part died a long time ago, it feels like. I try hard to play unique characters to fuel RP by lending something new and different, and people act like they can't be bothered, they just want muscle-guy and boob-lady and 20 days straight of ERP and then go right back to sim-farming like there's NOTHING else to RP, and the rest of the world can burn for all they care. There wasn't a single event in the two days since I started the timer except "you are hungry", I bet they didn't even react to XiaoHu's death, K probably sighed, and then quietly cleaned everything up, and they all went about their automatonic farming.

But I guess that's what we're doing now, I mean hell, 5 of my 16 characters have a Potator or Carrotor Trademark in their town (and that's not including the 6th that was in Shortinazy, and when I spawned a new character, there it was! ANOTHER POTATOR, I can't escape this dude), so I can't even take the game seriously.

Bye, XiaoHu. Sorry I let you suffer for so long. I thought once, that your story could be a little nicer, or maybe start over completely, but I'm just gonna trade you for an open slot now. This time I'll play a happy little bubbly idiot who kisses everyone's ass, so people don't have to make any actual effort on their part to like them. Hopefully I'm at least allowed to RP this time and people don't get annoyed at me for playing this game as intended.

(Spoiler alert I was wrong on that last part, so wrong, holy shit lmao everyone hates RP so much in this game now, it's sad..)
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Wolfsong » Sat Apr 29, 2023 10:30 pm

Gin: Here is a kindred spirit who reminds me of the worst parts of myself. How can I reach them? I know, I'll defend them against perceived threats while acting out all the unhealthy coping strategies that were taught to me when I was vulnerable so that they understand how to move on beyond their past traumas and grow as a person, because I don't know how to talk about feelings outside of a pillow or a bottle.

Also Gin: Image
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Bmot » Thu May 04, 2023 6:01 am

:( Goodbye Lilianne...

Also, goodbye XiaoHu, I've never had characters on the peninsula there but the few small meetings we've had showed a pretty cool person :)
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Vael Victus » Thu Jul 20, 2023 7:11 pm

It was great playing with Sharlyn. I liked how she complemented Spencer, regulating him at times. And it was thanks to her and Winnie that I got more into Cantr; I was just going to keep up with wine production forever. I thought our story worked out really well and I know the volcano wouldn't be what it is without you first showing up. Even though your final years were quiet, I was happy enough with the pace of things and I'd never expected to pursue any sort of romance on Spencer.

I know from OOC that real life got busy and I hope everything is alright. I'm a strong advocate for playing games "only when you want to," and I understand Cantr can be a big time commitment (this is why I would often summarize events for Sharlyn). I'm grateful for Sharlyn, but I have to temper my positive feelings with disappointment in how you disregarded the story and everyone else's expectations with your abrupt death. I wish you'd given us at least a day to gracefully depart the green world. Thank you, anyway, for playing Sharlyn.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Shedevil » Sun Sep 24, 2023 11:44 pm

I hit the X probably about a week ago or so. I don't remember exactly when. Life got too busy with work and I just didn't have time to devote to the green world anymore. I only had 3 as I had already cut back due to work but when they were just sleepers, figured it was better to end the time now.

Lyra - Originally of Dom Hematic. Wandering pirate with a love of wolves and her horse Duke. Not afraid of speaking her mind but definitely preferred the company of her wolves over the company of people.

Alia - My Omeo girl. Loved travelling with Rohan but after he passed, she lost the love and just wanted to go home to Luna and Omeo.

Hazel of Silkwood - This one hurt. So much promise for her. To the players of those in Silkwood, thank you. You all are amazing and I will greatly miss you. I know with how much I was inactive, I'm just hoping someone was watching over Shadow and Sadie.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby AndyPandy » Tue Oct 17, 2023 10:50 pm

Hey, so it's been a while. I originally joined during lockdown and found myself pouring days on days into my characters. When things opened back up I had to take a step back for my own sake, and it really hurt. They all carried an aspect of myself so it was hard to say goodbye. I had to clean break all at once. So here's a little tribute for the characters that pretty much were my life for a while. I can't even remember where they all were from at this point.

Jaime - the first character, spawned in longinazy and lucky to have had Lilianne to start a life with. A sensitive family man through and through.

Nyd - troubled at first but easily became one of my favourites, she was shy but sweet and became more outgoing with Wesley to lean on. I still want that house in real life.

Jay - a fun, broody character with serious anger issues. It was fun to play a quietly messed up kinda guy

Carter - short lived, but a creative little tailor

Wolfe - oh, the struggle I had trying to keep Wolfe, Nyd and Jaime from being in the same places at the same time! He was an utterly fun loving, joke slinging escape for me, an id character, wild and utterly lacking in the social anxiety sector. Wolfe's death was accidental starvation and upset me a lot.

Warren - kind, creative and funky eyed, I would have flown so high with Warren, Fit, Mischief, Rascal.

Jesse - Olip's weapon designer with a flair for creativity. I loved designing all the coolest weapons, thanks to Ivan for getting that ball rolling. I loved Jesse and her tomboy, can do attitude. Ah, she'd never let Friedrich forget his accidental self identification as "Fitz" I'm still really sorry I had to let her go.

Fennec - ah, poor boy. A sweet little man with a childish, naive and wonderous outlook

Emmet - the first blind character I ever had the joy of creating, I was fascinated with what life in his shoes would be like. When his caterracts were removed, I'll admit it took a little of the charm of playing the character away from me, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing him as his beloved Piper led him through new experiences. Shiny lights!!

Zev - a hermit in his final days, building the home he promised Cait way back when they were attacked by animals on all fronts. Zev was big and strong and with a thick accent even I couldn't properly place.

Sage - oh, I wish I were as free spirited as Sage. The brainchild inspired entirely by AURORA's cover of Scarborough fair. I still miss her. What a wonderful way to enjoy life





I played them all at the same time.... I still wonder how on earth I had so many
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Millhouse » Mon Jan 08, 2024 1:24 am

miirkaelisaar wrote:XiaoHu Trueheart of Halwende Mountain

Worst of all, Marco Paublo Francesco-Diaz, who had spawned in Halwende Mountain, to whom XiaoHu gave a car and everything he needed, so he could just move away to Dragonloft, stood there siding with Novus, ignoring the obvious injustice. Brilliant engineer and designer, callous coward to the people who brought him up in life.

Later, Dragonloft also forced XiaoHu to agree to stop telling people about the incident, stating that they would imprison him if he brought it up unprovoked again and forcing him to sign another contract stating so.

I just saw this and I don't know if you'll ever see this Miirk, but in Marco's defense, XiaoHu got so much wrong about that owl robbery. Nobody had ever seen the thief before. They weren't working with Dragonloft. I think it was just a weird newspawn thief. Furthermore, XiaoHu didn't do their self any favors when they got to Dragonloft and immediately went into a paranoid fervor claiming they were going to kill them.

I honestly thought that you (the player) knew what was up and was just roleplaying a paranoid recluse. I didn't know you had gotten all the details about the theft wrong. It's kind of funny looking back on it. Also, glad to see you stuck with the game I'm sure you have quite a different outlook than when you write this post earlier this year.

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