Murder party (light...)

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Murder party (light...)

Postby Vega » Mon Jul 11, 2016 3:25 pm

Mr. Husband's birthday is at the end of the month and we've decided to make a costume party... but then... oh, big idea. Why not make something like a murder party? The setting is fantasy-medieval, and we are creating the characters from scratch, so I'm kinda running out of ideas, here...
So I call for help!

Our chars right now are:

Goal: Needs 4 minions.
-Can resurrect dead people to make them his minions. (I'll give him stickers of "undead" for his undead minions.)
-Also can bring to live one part of them like their voice using a magic machine. (CD player)
-To get his spells to work, he needs a plant only a witch can know.

Goal: Find a pendant of power
-She knows the plant the necromancer needs (mint from the balcony or so)
-Likes werewolves because they are cute, furry and warm in winter.

Goal: A trophy from magical creatures.
-Knows that he needs a special weapon for each (werewolves a silver dagger, vampires a stake... I'll make cardboard ones.)

Healer (this is one of the less developed):
Goal: None yet.
-Can make different kind of potions.
-Can "heal" undead people raised from death turning them into normal again. Needs holy water that cannot make by himself.

Goal: Sing with famous singer MG. Bad luck she's dead. He wouldn't mind using magic to achieve it, though...
- He can write songs, of course.

Goal: Make a new companion (I still don't know how he'll make that...)
-Long boring nights made him addicted to gambling.
- MG was his girlfriend. He carries her remains in a thin box. (CD)

Werewolf (another that needs a lot of work):
Goal: None yet.
-He carries a piece of wood (stake) to gnaw in case he gets too bored.

Trader (same):
Goal: None yet
-In his trips, he learned about a bard called MG and he knows her remains are carried by a vampire.
(I'll probably make him a source of information, but that, I still need to develop him a lot.)

Goal: He's good but no one knows his name. He needs a bard to write him a song. (This is going to be the easiest one...)
-He has a silver dagger.

Goal: Magic is evil. Anything that can use magic must die. That involves vampires, werewolves, witches, and necromancers.
-He's not the best fighter, so he can hire someone to do his job, like a hunter :P
-He can make holy water.

Undead minions (this is a special one. You don't start being an undead, you turn thanks to the necromancer):
Goal: I'm looking for a simple goal to add for people who is turned undead because they won't be able to use their old ones.
I probably should look for something while they are dead, too.

Has anyone any extra idea?
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Re: Murder party (light...)

Postby Vega » Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:33 pm

No ideas?
I already made some changes...
If anyone is interested in how the game will be I can post the final result and the cards and all that.
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