Avalon RPG

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Avalon RPG

Postby Lapallanch » Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:48 am

Avalon: The Legend Lives


What is Avalon?

A fantasy game world of magnificent proportions unfolds before you: it is the heavy sea-town air of Mercinae, the sound of waves crashing against Parrius, great dark spires piercing the sky of Thakria. This roleplaying game, which existed before the Internet and was the first online RPG ever, thrives because of its unique world. Great sorcerers, war that can tumble years of real life history in a day, magic that can see beyond time, rituals and vast events that raise mortals to become gods! Avalon's scope is nearly infinite and anything within its walls is possible. As a text-based RPG, it will exceed all expectations: adventurers, merchants, politicians, fighters, forest-loving druids, all cohabitate in this rich, vibrant and brutal world.
Avalon is a text based game that has always been ahead of its time. It innovates in the most remarkable ways, inventing new mechanics that you will not see anywhere else for years. Above all else, Avalon is a fair meritocracy. You may quicken your pace but you cannot achieve excellence without deserving it and excellence in any area takes time. It is an environment unlike any other, where players decide the course of history. Find any online roleplaying game today that can match Zaphod of Avalon, who 25 years ago and still sometimes today, will be in Meeting Place sharpening his axe and preparing for battle. Players today do the same as he, building on a monolithic saga to write their own names into this legendary world.

PvP Combat in Avalon

Text based games and online RPGs of all kinds lack the complexity of Avalon that lets you do anything to anyone. Worse, they suffer from the plague of automation. "NO MORE," wrote Avalon in the sand. It invented balance-based combat and now it invents human-favoured combat. It has countless mechanics to invite innovative fighting by the talented player versus automation. The world of fighting alone juggles over 2000 abilities not to mention all the general abilities and shared runes, potions, herbs, poisons, and magical items available to everyone. Afflictions, health, mana and movement create an infinitely complex arena for the bloodthirsty PVP combat lover.

- balance/equilibrium-based PVP combat
- over 2000 abilities in 50 skills across 9 professions
- anti-automation combat rewarding human decision-making
- real combat trainer NPCs with advanced AI
- each profession with its own specialisations with its unique style
- powerful abilities that affect areas, control people or spy on the world
- in-game system for macros, aliases, triggers and variables
- standard settings for defence available to everyone

Strategic Warfare in Avalon - Conquer, Plunder and Destroy!

Besiege the forts and city next door to take control, seize their sphere of influence and destroy their tributes from controlled territory. The warlord in Avalon uses legions trained and equipped by their city or guild to wage war on others for dominion. Take the reins of history and conquer or even destroy towns or whole cities -- it has been done before, Springdale of 10 real years was razed to the ground at the hands of Thakria.

- more cerebral competition and aggression
- legions for cities and guilds with 50 unique skills
- legion training, equipment, formations, sizes
- terrain, elevation, line of sight
- runners and carrier pigeons for remote control and reconnaissance
- complex tunnelling and trench warfare
- fortifications to defend and besiege with siege engines
- arrows, catapults, battering rams, flaming oil cauldrons
- plundering fields and commodity sheds for resources
- razing anything to destroy historic buildings and even cities over 20 real years old
- player based alteration of the world and its history

Continuous Player-Driven History Since 1989 (a World Record)

The fantastic history of this unique world stretches back before the Internet, to 1988 when it was called Lands of the Crown, and formerly a modem-based game in England. Back then, even with only 32 kilobytes of space for the game, there were spells and PVP combat for those with fire in their bellies. It has come a long way since, with decades to expand its domain to include a long history that are no less legendary than the Ancient Greeks and Romans are to us today.

Fantasy is not complete without its legends, heroes, villains and gods. The world of Avalon has these in plenty. Those who are ready, join its chorus and begin their fantasy life fresh with plenty of opportunity, as all have, to carve out their own history. The realism of Avalon is without parallel though not simply because of its age. Oh no!

It is because of the passion of its players and the beauty of the fantasy world around them, that engages them so deeply as it were not a fantasy life but real, with its obsidian swords, mineheads of gold ore, cattle raising, fields of soybeans and manure, forests chirping with birds and growing trees becoming living ents, the skies parting with the power of Skymasters, great Seers controlling the invisible influence of their palantir over the world, and so much more.

There is only one way to know, though, and that is to write your own history in this fantasy world! Sign up now at http://www.avalon-rpg.com/

[EDIT= I would just like to inform you guys that my in-game name there is also Lapallanch and I'm a citizen of Thakria. I strongly suggest that you join Thakria if you're interested in lots of aggressive combat. :) Good day!]

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Re: Avalon RPG

Postby Breezy » Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:35 am

I've tried Avalon a few months ago. I'm very, very, very bad at PVP games. I couldn't get much into the game sadly, but all I want to do is RP, explore and craft. I can't remember if there is crafting or not. If so, how easy it is to get into. Can I avoid PVP and most combat and stuff explore/craft?

I think Avalon reminds me if Lusternia (IRE games), where I played for about 2 years. I haven't played in forever, though. But combat is super quick that I needed to buy a script to help me out. But everything else was awesome (ridiculously huge worlds and great storylines, crafting (kinda), politics RP, player housing, etc)

Also I'm a super casual player. I think you helped me out before. My character is/was Jineva and she most likely idled out. I was being sponsored. But, if I don't play often how does that work out? I may just play for about 2-3 hours on the weekend.

Thanks. Sorry or all the questions. I'm seeing Avalon posted in all my usual online hangouts, so now I'm getting curious again. Plus I need some fantasy RP in my life. :D
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Re: Avalon RPG

Postby Lapallanch » Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:46 am

Two times! Two times I tried to reply and I got logged out for some reason. :evil:

So, I gotta be quick before I get logged out.

1) Yes, crafting is possible. You just have to learn what resources I required for crafting certain objects.

2) You can avoid PVP if you joined pacifist guilds such as the Animist. Players can't attack them.

3) The best way to progress is to be active in the city chat. People will notice you and the leaders will start paying more attention to you.

4) An entire section dedicated to warfare can be found here

5) An entire section dedicated to crafting can be found here

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Re: Avalon RPG

Postby Shiguy2 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 3:34 am

I also play Avalon. In my opinion it is a very fun game. there are plenty of different ways to carve a path for yourself. the only thing i don't agree with is that thakria part. i am a citizen of Mercinae. we are a fun group of people, always ready to help out any way we can. GO MERCINAE!. BOOOOO THAKRIA! :D :D
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