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Doug R.
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Radio flame war.

Postby Doug R. » Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:21 am

The players have taken this flame war ooc, so now I can complain about it here. Please, someone in the PD put and end to this for everyone's sake, before every new player we've gotten in the last 3 months decides that this game is a joke and leaves. There has to be a point where enough is enough.

Thank you.
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OOC radio conversation

Postby Mitch79 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:26 am

There seems to be an ooc conversation going on, on the radio that is annoying and disrupting the game. Could someone please look into this. Not sure where else to put this but this really needs to stop from the one that started it to those replying. I do not know who any of the ones involved are though. I did not catch the initial message.

4643-5.22: You hear from radio at freq. 100: "((OOC: Um, actually no one was doing any such thing, arguing on the radio happens every day, and don't OOC on the radio, that is EXTREMELY spammy and annoying, I hate that I even have to OOC to tell you that, you should know better. Please be respectful and don't make OOC assumptions about players and their motives for RPing their characters, that's bullying and you're the only one bringing up OOC when we were having IC discussions.. not okay. Not at all. I will report next time.))"
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Re: OOC radio conversation

Postby returner » Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:34 am

The conversation itself is becoming OOC. Players are referring to the radio output as a "wall of text" and swearing and getting abusive. It sounds like they're venting as themselves rather than their characters.
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OOC on the radio, accusations of other players in-game.

Postby miirkaelisaar » Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:43 am

4643-5.10: You hear from radio at freq. 100: "(OOC: This is becoming an in-character excuse to argue from your out-of-character issues. I'm not feeling any of your unique or even standard character traits coming through, I'm seeing players using their characters to argue. Stop it. Take it to the forums. This is ridiculous.)"

I've been listening to the radio through a few of my characters all day and heard a lot of dramatic BS, but didn't hear anything I thought was OOC until that OOC message, isn't it disallowed to spam like that in game and make judgments about players in the game based on your assumptions of their characters? I would think so.. otherwise this game is gonna wind up a bunch of people getting butthurt and yelling at each other OOC over any little argument rather than actual infractions.

Anyway the radio is anonymous, so we couldn't be taking out our OOC differences, we don't even know who's talking and some of these people could be played by the same person even, and how does that player know who's talking? Unless they're CRBing somehow? Every day there are dumb newspawns or someone alone in a building with a radio who only spam and do things that character doesn't really do just to mess around on the radio, but this was actually characters arguing, for a long time, with no allusions to the world outside of cantr, it was completely unnecessary for that person to do that and disrupt the game. I personally never felt angry at other players for their characters' griping or yelling on the radio, just the characters annoy me. But that was going a bit far, saying they're all attacking each other OOC when that person is the one who made it OOC, not anyone else involved.

Also only a very very few people mentioned their names that I read, maybe two or three people very early on today and even I don't remember their names if they did, so this person should not know which characters are talking hours later with very little emote-indication to voices or anything specific, or whether their "character traits are showing through", basically saying if they don't approve of someone else's characters, they're not being played correctly and aren't consistent and the players are at fault, even though it sounded to me like the same things all these characters are always arguing about on the radio all the time, every day.

I just found this very annoying spam in the middle of a riveting radio argument and it was disappointing, and usually those things spark even more OOC messages so the last thing we need is OOC on the radio. Now I'm afraid tomorrow I'll get online to a radio of nothing but OOC...

For the record, some of my characters in the past have argued with one another on the radio briefly if one annoyed the other too much and they had to say something, (Stop yelling, I'm trying to work here!) but does that mean I'm using characters to argue with myself in real life? I would like to think not... yeesh.
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Re: OOC on the radio, accusations of other players in-game.

Postby Pilot » Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:20 am

Thanks for reporting. We will look into this.

Moving to the proper forum.

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