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Re: Clocks.

Postby Moonflame » Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:31 am

My favourite idea on here is the hourglass, I'd love it to work as an alarm that highlighted my character when the sand has run out or something.

Aesthetic clocks and watches make me feel a bit uncomfortable. All of my characters know the vague time up until now and they're so smart they can drive a car and sew a dress and read a book all at the same time. If clocks were introduced then I'd probably feel forced to make some for some characters, even though they're not actually needed. It will make people think about how they RP with time, and time is a bit wibbly wobbly. We already seem collectively unsure as a species as to whether the sun and moon exist/move, so clocks would mess me up.

As for alarm clocks, I'd not use them as a reminder but more like an announcement for the start of an occasion. E.G. I'd want a loud one that went off at exactly day 5000 and then we would party.
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Re: Clocks.

Postby prometheus » Thu Oct 29, 2015 1:15 pm

I know this has been accepted but does that mean we're getting physical alarm clocks IG or just ones for players? Cause it'd be cool to see like, a clock tower in Klojt or something.

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