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Re: Contacting PD

Postby nateflory » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:03 pm

quick question... I sent two friends to and they tried to register last week, but have heard nothing yet. and IDs are saying "invalid email" when one of them just tried to login today and see if maybe they got approved, but missed the email in spam or such...
What's the best way to contact someone if they are "new"... I had mentioned the "Support form" on the site, but wanted to make sure things were working there.

One of the two is already gone lost interest, so probably a lost cause, the other is still interested in playing so asked me how to contact support again today. :/ So they tried to re-register just a bit ago today.... lets see if that goes thru. :D
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Re: Contacting PD

Postby sanchez » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:07 pm

Hope this issue is adequately resolved now. The Support forms from the links at the bottom of the main page should work, but you can always pm me or other PD members here, or also on Discord. The instance above I was able to trace should have worked, so it's possible our emails were marked as spam.

As a general note for all players, if any Cantr emails do end up in your spam folders, please mark them as 'not spam', even if you subsequently delete them, as this can help train systems. This can be quite important as we've seen for some players for notifications of idling accounts, and has been a particular problem for players who use hotmail.

Also, thank you for bringing new players to the game!

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