Different angle on combat - perishable weapons.

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Re: Different angle on combat - perishable weapons.

Postby Cogliostro » Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:03 am

I know that in real life items should not last forever. But for Cantr? It's highly debatable, Seko. It's all about creating artificial scarcity (emptiness), which people think is great, when it's not and never has been. I want to believe that Cantr is more than a time sink, reminescent of a black hole with a greenish rim, which constantly sucks in player time investment and slowly makes its results disappear forever. I thought we were about experimental culture, society, many different things, not artificial black holes.

To return to the topic, if you'll permit I'd like for once to argue a point against my own suggestion. Something I never thought of while writing it was the effect of healing food. If healing remained unchanged, any move toward having weapons break down after dishing out a certain (fixed) amount of damage would mean that people run out of weapons exceedingly fast, and use cheap healfood to cancel all that extremely expensive damage.

I still want everyone to explore in their mind the idea of damage-dealing being extremely expensive, though, and see what we come up with.

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