A slow-paced approach to resolving battles.

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A slow-paced approach to resolving battles.

Postby Cogliostro » Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:17 am

What if combat between characters was not instant like now, but instead internally looked almost like a project at a location, with a list of people involved. When players click "attack", their character joins the fight, is added to the list. In the list we keep track of which character elected to attack which other character. Battles go on for at least 1 day, similar to lockbreaking.

During the intervening ticks, game looks at the list of who is attacking who, and makes the usual damage-dealing happen.

Characters become tied up with a fight for at least a day. Each tick, only a fraction of the current weapon damage would be dealt (1/8th) so that frustrating instadeath becomes history, unless you're fighting a crowd of 16+ people all alone. Once the day is up, all those involved in the fight are again able to move around.

If a character is attacked but does not choose to strike back, then that character would retain the option to escape, and the battle project of the attackers would be cancelled on the next tick, releasing them too.

I think characters who are currently in a battle like this should also be undraggable. Lets do something to avoid the usual Cantr pattern of "enemy is dragged into a ship/hold, and there killed over a period of time". It would be very good to make battles become actual battles, but be slow enough to allow all players a chance to login and react to what's happening.
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Re: A slow-paced approach to resolving battles.

Postby Doug R. » Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:48 pm

Combat options were extensively discussed last year. I encourage you to search for the relevant threads. There were many problems with every solution, and nothing was settled upon.

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