Buiten-karakter discussielijst voor Nederlandstalige spelers.

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    I - Using the Forums

    1. Threads should be created in the appropriate forum section with a descriptive title of the contents.

    2. Post should be written in language that is accessible and appropriate.

    3. The Moderating Team reserves the right to edit and / or delete any forum content deemed harmful.

    II - User Accounts

    1. You can only have a single account on the forum.

    2. Forum accounts are unique, personal and not transferable.

    3. The attempt of plagiarism or theft of the identity of other users is not allowed.

    III - Respect for other users

    1. You must always be respectful of other members of the forum.

    2. The publication of pornographic or offensive images or text is strictly prohibited.

    3. Iconography and phraseology referring to extreme ideologies is forbidden.

    4. The Capital Rule must be respected in the forums. This means that no in-game information may be revealed in the forums, including maps, resource locations, details about movements of living characters and ongoing events, identity of other players' characters, and any other information which can affect the gameplay of others.

    5. A corollary of the Capital Rule is the Four Day Rule, which requires a minimum of four days before disussion of any in-game events. Of course this period may be longer if events are ongoing.

    6. Any suspected breaches in the game rules should be directed to Players Department members or to

    7. Accusations against other players or staff are not permitted in public forums.

    IV - Proceedings before a sanction

    1. Communication and disciplinary action by forum and game administrators is private. Details of individual cases may not be presented in the forums.

    2. Discussion in the forum of individual Players Department cases is not allowed. All communication between Players Department members and players is also considered private.

    3. The job of Players Department and forum moderators is to assist players to interpret the rules and to apply them to specific situations which may not be presented in public forums. Only general inquiries regarding clarification of rules is therefore allowed in public forums.

    4. You may not post on behalf of a user who has been banned from the Forum.

    V - Review of the Moderation Team

    1. Complaints about the actions of members of staff are to be made in private, directly to the Chair of the department concerned or to the GAB.

    VI - Advertising and Copyright

    1. Copyrights of other users, authors, media, etc. must be respected.

    2. Advertisements are not allowed.

    VII - Information Privacy

    1. Personal information of other forum users as well as emails, chats and private messages (PMs) must be kept private.
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