The I AM thread. (The 4-day rule applies!)

General out-of-character discussion among players of Cantr II.

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Re: The I AM thread. (The 4-day rule applies!)

Postby Mitch79 » Sat Jun 23, 2018 11:44 pm

I am....

Feeling betrayed...again. Are things finally coming to an end? Very few reasons to continue on anymore.

Bein' lazy as always. One day she really WILL run me over with a bus.

Exploring and soon to be exploring with the two most important people in the world to me! I'm excited to show them the world!

Still working on our plans, but I am so sick of needy, clingy women. Can we manage to visit ONE town without one, one town with just normal people?

Depressed and so so sad but trying to not show it. She hates me. I've only ever cared about her but she hates me. And I don't know how this family thing is going to work because she does. Now I'm the depressed, sad and sick one.

Lost. My best friend is gone, another friend is leaving and doesn't have the time of day for me anymore. I have people who care but no one to connect with anymore. I'm getting more lost and lost in the sleepiness now.

Wondering what to do. The town I spawned in was useless and now I"m in a town I don't understand anything in. What did they say?? Starting to think my best bet is maybe "slave labor".

...........3 newspawns that were spawned in hopes of finding interesting rp and failing because of the inactive areas spawned in.
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Re: The I AM thread. (The 4-day rule applies!)

Postby Lucas » Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:19 am

I am trying to build a harbor and offer sushi to hungry sailors.
I am relaxing on a bed listening to the pet birds.
I am a smooth talker but seem to fail a lot.
I am sailing with two wonderful crew mates.
I am traveling with my best friend.
I am trying to build something from nothing.
I am not sure, loney is all I know.
I am thinking no one like hunting crocs.
I am going to be a barista!
I am the Captain now!
I am trying to survive, but have a new friend.
I am working my life away for the "man"
I am missing my only friend.
I am odd and just walk
I am a farmer daddy!
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Re: The I AM thread. (The 4-day rule applies!)

Postby destinysWalrus » Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:50 am

I am...

...a little worried for her, but hoping I can help.
...deep in mourning, unsure how to reignite the spark.
...feeling guilty but determined to make up for my sleepiness.
...sleeping to death, eventually.
...quietly helping build, as a break from cooking.
...less awake than I should be, but not giving up yet!
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Re: The I AM thread. (The 4-day rule applies!)

Postby Achilles » Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:54 pm

I am...

...the town's tavern keeper living a secret love... adventurer living with two sisters but in secrecy... errand knight who lost his maiden, just to find his true princess...
...a traveled trader with his adventurous wife...
...a knight who found his brother and is fighting hard for the good of everyone...
...a mute traveler who loves to be alone and discover the world slowly.

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Re: The I AM thread. (The 4-day rule applies!)

Postby raspberrytea » Tue Jul 24, 2018 3:24 am

The food version.

I am…

…a lollipop. Keep licking, my true self's in there somewhere.
…eggplant. Bitter but surprisingly versatile.
…mashed potatoes. Soft and unnoticeable. Won’t be missed.
…a warm cup of coffee. I won’t let you down.
…dark, dark chocolate. No nonsense, but you can’t deny my quality.
…birthday cake. Great in small doses, easy to get sick of.
…a well-done steak. You can’t chew me! That’s right, I’m not dead after all!
…honey. Sweet and slow. I have a goal but I’ll take my time getting there.
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Re: The I AM thread. (The 4-day rule applies!)

Postby cutecuddlydirewolf » Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:11 pm

I am...

...a thistle. Ugly and prickly, but resilent enough to continue and endure.

...a dandelion. Nothing remarkable about me.

...a moonflower. A pale beauty waiting for the night to fall so I can finally bloom.

...a pitcher plant. Strange and unusual, almost beautiful on the outside, but waiting for people to come just close enough to fall in.

...a cactus. Standing around, sleeping with my prickly tongue at bay.

...a raspberry bush. People tried to take my fruit, and so I grew more thorns to keep them away.

...a fern. Easygoing, laid back, but slowly starting to wilt.

(Credit to raspberrytea for the idea. :P )
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Re: The I AM thread. (The 4-day rule applies!)

Postby sky » Sat Jul 28, 2018 5:15 pm

I am ...

...on my first adventure with my steed and with my best friend.
...heading to my spawn town and working for a better way to travel up a storm but wishing for so much more.
.... emotionally confused. I flirted one too many times with his right man. Being on the moss in the forest was not what I had in mind how it would be.
...devastated he changed his mind. He told me to go do something with my life. I feel lost. Now what??
....pleasantly surprised by the volunteered tailoring help and wonder where it may go. I’m sure time will go by fast with pleasant company while working.
...helping friends led to meeting someone very dear and exciting to me.
....alive, healed and very worried about my sleeping friend.
....flirting has led to nothing but trouble. I’m not sure he’s forgiven me.
....sailing with a man I met. Not sure what happened and not sure if we will do that again.
... still traveling with him. He makes me feel safe and happy. It’s time to slowly head home.
....wondering if this is the place? I hope we are abiding his wishes, but it’s awfully cold.
...on my own again and unsure about everything. alone and half starving. I would do anything for food but at least I have a bike now.
...playing with fire as I’ve consented to serve him and the town.

Gosh I have too many....

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