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Re: Goodbye!

Postby PaintedbyRoses » Mon May 07, 2018 10:52 am

Xander wrote:Alex Myers (spawned 2994 in Bhak, died 5784) - my oldest ever character at 159 years.
Xander Maynard MacGregor (spawned 2994 in "Central Hills of the MacGregor Clan, died 5784)
Alex Olesky (spawned 3101 in Cape Kerena, died 5784)
Sloan Indichi (spawned 3980 in Zdoktalip Schulls, died 5784 on his boat)
Samantha (spawned 4403 in Blojt Forest East, died 5784)
Grace (spawned 4447 in Kwor, died 5784)
Niall (spawned 4665 in Omeo, died 5784).

I'd love to read a sentence or two about each of these characters. Just telling the major events of their lives or what they cared about or whatever you consider significant about them. Maybe a secret they never shared.

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