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Postby Tiamo » Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:16 pm

I wonder how many true hermits live in the Cantr world nowadays.

Do you (the player) enjoy playing a hermit?
How did your character become a hermit? Why?
What are their goals in life?
How easy/difficult is life for hermits?
How long since they met anyone, or spoke to anyone?

Please respect the forum rules: 4-day rule, no character names, no location names.
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Re: Hermits

Postby Millhouse » Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:47 pm

I don't currently play any hermits but I have in the past. They never lasted long for me. I definitely didn't have any qualms about culling them when I decided to drop some characters. I enjoyed experiencing some sense of accomplishments with them.

Their goals were usually to loot abandoned buildings or vehicles, or maybe tame a horse. One wanted to make a fishing boat and live alone near a peaceful lake. They usually sought some sort of transportation.

My motivations were usually just spawning a loaner that didn't want to be around people. I was never forced into a hermit life. Maybe that would have added some attachment to them if they had.

It's hard to get truly isolated in game. I would still get visitors that either would pass through or that felt some obligation to "come check on me". Maybe if I was in some remote area of Fu or something where it was statistically improbable to see other people, it would be different.

I think I liked the solo travelers more than the true solitary ones. You could be gone from civilization for long periods of time but still go back to being around other characters when it suited the moment. Best of both worlds in my opinion.
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Re: Hermits

Postby Rmak » Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:17 pm

They exist in a lot of places
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Re: Hermits

Postby Wolfsong » Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:48 pm

To me a hermit is somebody who lives by themselves in an uncivilized area, without immediate accessibility to large numbers of people or towns, and are fairly stationary - by that definition, I've come across probably half a dozen. Travelers don't count.
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Re: Hermits

Postby the_antisocial_hermit » Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:57 pm

I had one that sort of drifted into being a hermit. She was very social and outgoing in her youth, but events in her life destroyed that personality as she aged. She spent most of her later years completely alone on a ship. She was sailing around Fu for the longest time, and went 20 years without seeing any people at all. She also had little desire of seeing people and usually steered away from them if possible. I don't believe she ever sailed back to any of the populated islands before her death.
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Re: Hermits

Postby Tiamo » Fri Jun 30, 2017 2:02 pm

I was thinking of hermits as Wolfsong describes them. Characters who don't really care if they were the only human alive in the world. Who see a visiting traveler as an unwanted distraction rather than an interesting interlude.

It seems the only thing that can make playing those characters interesting for a longer period of time would be some kind of grand goal in life. Something to look forward to. Like building your own little secret Walhalla.
Actually i have played a few real hermits, for different reasons. They did/do have goals, either real or imaginary. I do/did enjoy playing them, most of the time. One actually got dishermited when a village grew around his chosen retreat.

But none of my traveling characters have ever met one. They encountered towns, live, dead and anything between, other travelers & traders, characters on a resource run, dead bodies everywhere, but never a single, living character who has chosen a place on purpose to live there all alone. Have i traveled to the wrong places?
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Re: Hermits

Postby Slowness_Incarnate » Sat Jul 01, 2017 3:07 pm

I actually have one who is in a town that has very few resources and talks more to her animals than people. No one really detours that way and she has been out there alone for something like 60 years plus. At one point someone spawned there when a visitor happened to fall asleep in the location and they promptly were greeted with a stare and some clothing thrown onto their head and potatoes pelted their way. Pretty much she gave them enough to get out.
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Re: Hermits

Postby Joshuamonkey » Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:53 pm

Seeing the title of this thread got my attention, because I have played hermits, some fitting the definition more than others.
I'm the type of player that will keep characters leaving peacefully on their own forever.. Not once have I had a character die on purpose, and not once has my account gone idle. The hermits I've had have also been town leaders, which I suppose is inevitable given that they're by themselves, but also sad considering that at one point there were people. I wouldn't say that they avoided people though. One in particular stands out, in that she decided to go out in the mountains, picking a town with hematite, magnesium, and stone (in this case it was actually to avoid being near another of my characters), and she made a home for herself. At one point there were at least a few other characters, and it was an actual town. I feel like that period was relatively short. People came to trade every now and then, but not often. She amassed resources, eventually making an assembly line and a car, etc. She went decades and decades on her own, only dying when I left on a two-real-life-years mission with no one to feed her. In any case, my characters' hermit status has fluctuated; it comes and goes. Sometimes they're surprised after decades of silence to have a bunch of activity, though sometimes it returns to silence. The circle of Cantrian life.
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Re: Hermits

Postby Hedgedhogst » Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:21 am

Through leaving Cantr and returning in the past, I've wound up with three pools of characters overall. Every generation has had at least one hermit. Every hermit decided almost from the moment they spawned, that they wanted to go it alone and be alone. I absolutely love playing hermit because I get to play that proper "survival" element. If I want a weapon, I have to make it myself. If I want food, I have to find and cook it myself. All of my hermit characters have always remained quite primitive. Iron and steel have been alien to them, and even bronze seemed out of reach through travel restrictions.

This time around, I almost dropped my wannabe hermit completely. When he left the town, he was followed/chased by half the town for two straight days, demanding valid reasons why he won't stay in the town before they'd "allow" him to leave, and warning him that he WILL die if he doesn't stay under their wing. I'm still proud of the method I used to make them lose his trail.

In the world of Cantr, under the right conditions, surviving as a hermit is very easy. I'm confident that I have enough experience to write an entire comprehensive guide. Surviving and living are two very different things, and 'living' requires being in the right locations. Something that my characters haven't encountered. They've never been very nomadic.

I'd like to have a hermit that's got everything they'd ever need. The kind that sits on a mountain of wealth, and can just start some kind of seemingly obsolete hobby, like making hundreds of a single type of portable container, or the biggest pile of bricks ever. Until that day comes, my hermit is quite content with not having to follow man-made rules, or social expectations. Especially since his first and only encounter was one of attempted ultimate control.
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Re: Hermits

Postby nateflory » Wed Jul 05, 2017 3:49 pm

I have had quite a few hermit characters.... some recent experiments in that resulted in horrible animal attacks. Two of which sadden me because they were only temporarily Hermits to gather materials alone. Lesson learned there.

My most successful ones that are alive all did have a Plan or Goal, and are mostly succeeding in those. I had one spawn somewhere without maps and started a Very Large project... that one was the saddest, as the animals just kept pounding him and he was SOOO close to getting a building finished. He'd managed to scrawl out a will and a description of his Vision for the place... but I don't know if anyone ever would find that. (I'm OOCLy curious where the heck he even was too. lol PM me if you found some dead guy dreaming of a tower...)

My current hermit is enjoying the solitude, and content with farming gardens and slowly chasing away the wildlife. He's not a hunter... the bones in his mind when the animals finally "die" are just gifts from the spirit of the beast as it leaves to live elsewhere. He talks to them. He's weird. I emote to himself once a day, to kep that character fresh in my mind and "active" even if no one is even around to see it. That's fun!
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Re: Hermits

Postby colonel » Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:32 pm

My characters last longer when they are hermits.... :p

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