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Re: Cantr II Webzine - Articles Needed!

Postby MonkeyPants4736 » Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:03 pm

Part 3:

4858- Akypor, road to Akypor Forest North, road to Akypor Forest South, Akypor Forest south,

We saw a golden firework in the sky for the first time. Our lavish parties will have fire works. Akypor has a neat lighthouse with artwork inside. Tycha will sell me a motorcycle with tuned engine and full tank for 60 days. Tycha held back some rubies for Serana. In the lighthouse, I stole some dried dung. I thought it would be good to have if I got stuck hungry again. I could hunt and then cook the meat. Why would I take a risk like that? Getting caught would surely mean getting fired and I just started working! Plus, it feels like I betrayed Serana and Tycha. I wanted to put it back almost as soon as I took it, but couldn’t think how to do that without looking odd and it was time to leave. I should have just asked. Probably I would have been given some, but I didn’t want to have to tell Serana that I had failed to manage something so basic as food rations.

On the road again, Serana taught me some tips and tricks, and I told her how our code could work. She told me about different cities with coins, and how old rates sheets can be before they’re not trustworthy anymore. She explained stock numbers and changing rates. We discussed a gambling parlor and raffles and lotteries. I suggested we come up with a random piece of literature to get a prize at the festival. We talked about dues as a percentage of profits rather than a flat 5 IK per year.

We briefly spoke with Bushido in Akypor Forest South

4859- road to Klojt Mountains West, road to Klojt Mountains,

We talked about our Spawn days (hers is 4670), candies, tea, automation, receptionist bonus, rural trading strategies, etc.

4860- Pok Desert West

I did my first trade with Philis James. I forgot to hand my proposal to her in my nervousness, and wondered why she took so long to agree. Quite a bit of back and forth on the rates occurred, and Philis might have been offended thinking we were trying to sell her own goods back to her. Serana explained that I gathered the resin and copper myself. Some guy named Ramin kept trying to flirt with Philis and Serana.

4861- Pok Desert West, Road to Pok

The people of Pok Desert West decided to brawl in the street. I think half of them had arms thicker than my whole body. Serana tried to recruit one for a bodyguard.

On the road, Serana worried about going through bandit territory to pick up her carpenter, Aesop. I convinced her we could make the trip without a body guard. She told me what happens to a person when they are nearly dead. She said I need to get a weapon and shield. We talked about tensions in PDW.

4862- Pok, road to Pok Southern Mountains West, Road to Pok Southern Mountains, Pok Southern Mountains

Nathor is the self proclaimed Booze Baron. He gave me some clove.

Pok Southern Mountains is abandoned.

4863-road to Baaak Hills South

The maps for this area can’t be trusted. Serana wonders if there are any cartographers left. We discussed the effects of Klojt coins being more widely accepted.

4864-Baaak Hills South

We picked up Aesop, the carpenter. He seems nice and eager to begin work.

4865-Pok Mountains

We met Cyrus, a trader from Pak aka Freedomland who trades from camel back.


Braeden’s fight turned into some dramatic running off that seems to have upset several people.


We dropped off Aesop in Klojt to begin renovations in the guild hall. I requested my dues date be my spawn day, which coincidentally was the day I signed on with Serana anyway.

We overheard trade negations on the radio between Horace Borgby of Doryiskom and Nimue Goldeneye of Xanth Commune, and decided to move on that.


We met Horace Borgby, resource manager of Doryiskom. Serana was excited at the direction the town was taking.

Coventina announce by radio that there exist fake coins stamped Klojt Treasury.

We talked about what sorts of things artsy people would buy.


Serana wants custom gowns from Seatown. I told her I don’t have fashion sense so she would have to help me dress up for our future parties. She said she would dress me up and down. I don’t think I would like to wear a dress, but I liked her saying that anyway. Dresses are 20 days: 15 for labor and 5 for materials.


Serena’s Spawnday.

Bushido was here, too, again advertising for workers in Dragonloft. Still nobody showed interest. I think the title of his ad is the problem.

4871- on the road

My profit from Akypor was 14 days. Serena’s was 89 days. That seems like so much! When will I get there?

4872- Akypor Forest South and New Xanth

We met Nimue Goldeneye. She gave us a sweet called lokum. She has a pet hawk but forgot its name and decided to call it Cora. *a tiny smiley face is drawn here* I really really really want a hawk now! She also let us have some clothes. I got a leather jacket and boots. I asked if I would look cool in them on a motorcycle. Serana said I could pull off anything with my pretty red hair. It made me all fluttery again. She chose some copper bracelets. They match her eyes. Nimue and her husband, Sigad, wanted to keep us because we were lovely saplings. That place felt very special. It’s as if the people are literally built out of love and it seeps into the trees and the buildings and the ground and everything. Most towns have people AT the place. Here, the people and the place are joined.

4873- Klojt

We checked on Aesop and shuffled some things around. I realize something about Serana now. She is really sweet and polite, but she’s also a dominant personality, I think. It’s like she is always going around on a mission, and everyone she talks to just falls into place around her without realizing it is happening. I am fairly clever, but I think Serana is smart on a whole level above that.

4874- Klojt, the road, Pok Desert West

Someone on the radio wants help assassinating a high profile target.

Amanita Dutta from Sring-Sri had her leg removed for some reason and wants to become a jeweler. We helped her find a radio and she will go to Dragonloft.

We discussed some guild logistics, including automation for supplementary income. Serana finished building the radio and advertised for builders and a body guard.

I was sleepy when we got to the desert. Serana patted my head. It was sweet.

4875- Pok Desert West

Braeden is here and has some sort of trauma sickness. She faints quite often.

4876- Pok Desert West

Philis doesn’t have pizza.

The oldest man ever, Jonas Quill who spawned 1871, said the desert used to be called Black Sands. I asked him all sorts of questions about the old days, and he just gave some sad answer with no information. How lame. When I’m that old, I’ll make up the best stories about the past for the young ones. Like how we made our houses out of strawberries and bears could talk.

I had my first bath. Well, my feet did. Now I can wear my new boots.

I got to try my new boots by running down the road after Serana when she forgot me.

Luc called about tea time with Serana.
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Re: Cantr II Webzine - Articles Needed!

Postby MonkeyPants4736 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:03 pm

Part 4: This is so long :shock:

4877- Pok

My Spawnday.

Serana said Luc is a romantic interest. She said he’s polite, intelligent, and rich. She deserves someone like that. My stomach twisted with jealousy. I can get rich one day, and am reasonably intelligent, and am sometimes polite, but am not all of those things all of the time.

Nathor slept through our trade attempt. Wanni in Pok wants a sex shop. There was a funeral. I learned Pok is a boring town so people get sleepy there.

We discussed some sort of object to identify guild members to towns, such as arm bands or special coins. I liked the coins, since they would be hard to fake, and also since they would be a neat keepsake for members.


The remains of Rose were unatended in the street. Luc is too sleepy to meet with Serana now. We’re going instead to Dragonloft.

4879- road to Dragonloft

We’re on the way to Dragonloft. Serana warned me to be prepared to be looked down on, or recruited from her. I joked that I was hers, unless they offer me a hawk. But after I joked, I knew it was true. I am hers. And I know why. There wasn’t time to root in Klojt, and we’ve been on the move ever since. I only know where I am and where I am going next because she tells me. There isn’t anyone else I’ve spent any time with to root into. My only roots are in her. That’s one reason why. But also I trust her. I am smart and would be okay on my own, but she is strong enough to lift us both up together. If she said she was dropping everything to go to some foreign land to wrestle wild animals, I’d simply ask what I need to pack. She is my leader. Plus, I want to see what she will become. I think she could do anything, really anything, and I want to be there with her to see it come into being.

4880- road to Dragonloft, Dragonloft

It takes a full eight hours to traverse the mountain road to Dragonloft. We had a small philosophical discussion about trading.

We arrived to Dragonloft, were greeted by Ms. Angelou, and for some reason my hackles lifted right up. I didn’t like how she introduce herself. “You may address me as Ms. Angelou.” She didn’t offer a full name and then say her preference to be called by her surname. It made me feel as though she thought we didn’t deserve to know that information. I suddenly became very aware that I likely looked half animal in my fur pants. Somehow I thought I could smell Klojt’s wharfs on me again. Salty and fishy and low. I also worried that there were unspoken rules of etiquette I don’t know about. Instead of rising to the challenge, I got defensive an offered a subtly rude introduction of my own.

Serana of course breezed through the introductions with grace and charm. Mr. Borgby is here, as well as Amanita the aspirant jeweler. She plaintively shows her emotions, which I feel is a risk in this place. I want to make her feel confident somehow. Pepper and Greed run a boutique. Mr. Loreis dresses well. He's asleep so I don't know what he's like yet. He and Ms. Angelou founded this place as a sanctum for capitalism. There is also a man named Walker Path. Serana saved him from starving and freezing when she was mining silver for her first trade.

Ms. Angelou offered wine, saying it was the most expensive sort. Again I felt an anger that I haven’t experienced before today. Why not the highest quality sort, or the rarest sort, or special for some other reason? Besides, doesn’t acquiring something at greater expense mean you did a bad trade?

There is a cage here. I don’t know who is meant to be locked in it, but my sour mood led me to tour it while making up commentary about how it’s some work of art meant to actually represent freedom. Ms. Angelou offered to buy my words for gold, but I accepted bones instead, to spite her, and commissioned rings from them. One ring is to help me not be an asshole, which is something I just learned I’m capable of and don’t particularly like. The hawk talons on my ring will dig into my finger. The other ring is for Amanita. I want the first jewelry she makes to be something for herself, and to represent her rise to personal happiness. She likes lavender so the ring will have a real lavender sprig in it. Serana said the rings were insightful and sweet, and that I am something special.

There are hawks here, but none are tamed. There is a temple to the Sun and a marvels shop.


I feel more myself after a rest. Who am I to judge Ms. Angelou? I will be polite.

Amanita is working on the rings. Her design ideas were much better than my own. I have learned that the ring she is unknowingly making for herself is indeed her first effort in her craft.

Serana has placed her own orders, for nice outfits and jewelry. She bought an old house to renovate into a grand manor, for an events rental facility. She is very excited.

There is a man/beast/wolf in the house. The townsfolk don’t like him. They say he isn’t fit to be outside or around other people. They want to give him to the University for research. Elyos would just make a spectacle of him. Only one person, named Emily, seems to want to try building a relationship with him. But if he spawned here, he has as much right to be here as any of them. They all came from somewhere else. He’s the only one who spawned here that I know of. I like Emily by default, for trying, and I haven’t even met her yet. I told Serana I want to see him and try feeding him. Except I called him “it” and she scolded me. I quickly judged Dragonloft's treatment of him, but might not be any better myself.

4882-Dragonloft, road to Klojt

I tried explaining to Serana what I wanted with the strange man, and she said that sounded all well and good but that I have to think before I act and I have to clarify, or it will look badly on us both.

We went in the building to try removing the people. The strange man barked and growled, then protectively blocked our access to the woman. That action proved he is capable of a real relationship with others, because he understands love and friendship and protection. I fed him every time he acted towards me in the slightest positive manner. Emily woke and left on her own. The man, named Wolf, followed her.

Outside, we had a nice chat with Emily and I finally felt relaxed in this place for the first time. Amanita finished the rings. I felt too shy to tell her the sentiment behind the lavender ring, so instead I just said I wanted her to have something to remember her start on her current journey. I wished her the best of luck.

We left Dragonloft to go meet Luc. We had one of those rambling conversations I love, where Serana is full of excitement and ambition and hope. She managed to get a compliment about her business sense from the notoriously hard-to-please Ms. Angelou, and she knew she won the game with the people in Dragonloft. Her plan for the manor looks good. We talked about having grand parties there. I asked if she’s going to take over the world. She asked if I’ll be by her side when she does. I said yes. We speculated on Novus’s future plans, and Serana’s plans. We looked over her outfit plans and I particularly like the dragon earring design.

I noticed Alexandros Kappa on the road to Dragonloft. I don’t think he heard any of our political talk.

4883-road to Klojt, Klojt

Serana and I discussed Wolf, including his ability to speak at least to some extent.

Today was full of radio drama from seemingly the whole island.


Coventina is back, finally. She’s using a new rate system, where her buy rates are higher than her sell rates. She doesn’t have any pizza. It seems that pizza is nearly as rare as rubies. She decided to give away all motorcycles. I got one with a sidecar. Weee! I found some things for Wolf, including a ball, doll, tiny pillow, hide to make a bag for him, and dung to fuel cooking for him.

There is a lady named Setsuna with wild hair and hawk eyes that appeals to me. I tried flirting with her a bit, but it didn’t seem to work.

I got a platinum die with rubies and turquoise over the surface. It’s a graduation present from Serana. She says I was a great apprentice, willing to learn and supportive of her. She doesn’t see any limits for me. I like what she says the die represents. It represents skill and opportunity, luck and strategy. It’s extravagant because that’s how my future will be, and small because I hold my future in my hands. *a little sketch of a smiley face*

I’ve gotten permission from Emily to select a doctor to treat Wolf’s broken hand. One option is Braeden, who has some form of actual medical experience, and another is Mia. I like the Mia option better because she kept careful notes about her first and only patient, and is actively trying to improve her medical knowledge. Setsuna also says she can set a hand, but suggested we get a response from the radio, so I think she doesn’t want to do it.

Serana and Luc went into the lighthouse. Before they went in, Serana seemed excited and happy. She came out quiet, and simply asked if I was ready to leave. Something is wrong, but I will give her a moment before asking about it.


Braeden replied to my inquiry, and seems either crazy or traumatized. I just said we already have a doctor, and turned the issue over to Setsuna. We invited Mia to ride with us to Akypor and then to Dragonloft, but had to leave before she woke up. I asked her to write a list of what we need for Wolf.

Once on the road, I asked about Luc. They discussed business and investing in a centralized bank, then Serana asked him if their meetings would always be strictly business. He kissed her and said they could talk about more than business. But she only gets to see him every couple of years, so it was bittersweet for her. I said she should invite him to a party later in her manor, and could dance with him in her new dress. Then I felt jealous of Luc, and imagined myself dancing with Serana. I would be dressed nicely, better than Luc, and my hair would be slicked back and of course in my fantasy I am an excellent dancer and she is impressed. Note to self: Learn to dance.

I asked Serana what sort of outfit I should have designed to attract girly girls. She says it would vary by the girl, but that generally I should go for darker tones and something slim fitting. She asked if it’s Emily or Amanita I’m attracting. It is true that I sort of like Amanita’s bashfulness, and it is true that I think there is something sexy about Emily trying to tame Wolf, and it is true that I did briefly imagine a date with Setsuna where we were playing in the wild lands and catching hawks. But those are all small crushes. I suggested having more than one girl, and breaking a heart or two. Serana said I am risqué. But there is only one girl I want to impress, and I can’t have her. So I will settle for small comforts with other girls to fill the void. Oh, shit. I am falling for Serana. I knew before that I had a crush, but think I didn’t want to see that it’s lots of little crushes all piling up. This cannot happen. Not yet. And why am I even thinking about her when she’s got something for Luc?

I have asked her to not let me fall for her, if I ever seem to be doing that. She said she couldn’t be cruel to me. She got upset because the two people she can feel close to won’t let her in. I told her to not change anything. She needs to focus on her goals, not on people who don’t deserve her. Except maybe Luc deserves her? I don’t know. She asked if I would be cruel to her, if she fell for me. I told her I would try to win, but couldn’t find the right words for what I meant. Conquer? I told her I need her to stay out of reach. I will believe that I can’t have her if she says it, which will let me put away my feelings before I mess everything up. She finally did say it, but it didn’t make me feel relieved like I though it would. It just hurt.

4886- road to Akypor, Akypor

We discussed the manor and infirmary layout, temporary and permanent housing for Emily and Wolf, acquiring the second for sale building in Dragonloft, the votes system in Dragonloft, a business incubator, Mia as a hired doctor, the lack of medical texts in the university.

I gave Tycha my first batch of clarified honey as a small gift. Serana showed me the guild trade sheet, but I’m not allowed to make a copy. I asked her to keep a spare copy to give me later, for the collection of documents I have for Sterling Enterprises that I’m keeping for posterity.
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Re: Cantr II Webzine - Articles Needed!

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Diary of Cora Stoli: Part...5?

4887- Akypor, road to New Xanth

My Spawnday. Today begins my first year with dues.

We briefly discussed the stability of the IK.

4888-New Xanth, road to Klojt, Klojt

I tried flirting with Thana, and it seems to have worked. Since Nimue doesn’t seem comfortable with negotiating rates, I asked if there is a rate just for wood for our future knowledge. That way, she feels there’s plenty of time to decide and it’s just one rate to figure out. Wood is 570.

I asked Nimue [redacted], and she said she can only teach me about relationships and bonding.

I drove while Serana tried on her clothes in the back of the van. It’s possible that I stole some glances. Her legs are long and sexy. She told me about some sailor named Dedrick, who was forward with unwanted advances on her. She said she was accused of being a prude, and I said it’s best for her to come off as a prude so people know not to paw at her. She asked why I get to be a heartbreaker while she has to keep people away. I told her it’s because nobody has appeared yet to deserve her, and offered a list of requirements someone should meet before she considers them. It shouldn’t be my business, but it feels like it is.

The desert people were in Klojt to spar. Serana is talking with Mia and seems annoyed.

4889-Klojt, Doryiskom

Mia says we took too long. Serana is going to acquire Wolf’s needed supplies. Serana says Lennon Harper mustn’t be given any trade information. She’s a competitor.

Mia also got a motorcycle from Coventina. All three of us left for Dragonloft, in our own vehicles. Mine is the coolest vehicle of the lot. I enjoyed revving the bike and riding fast. It felt almost like flying.

Serana has gone ahead while I wait with Mia to retrieve her things from storage in Doryiskom. That town seems to be dying.

4890-road to Doryiskom Mountains North, DMN, road to Dragonloft

Serena’s Spawnday.

Mia is more pleasant on the road. She might have a thing for Mr. Borgby, and she’s sad about Doryiskom fading. She wanted to buy a boat when she spawned, like me.

In DMN, we met Jack and Tessa de LaRosa from New Xanth. On the final road to Dragonloft, we discussed Wolf a bit.

4891-road to Dragonloft, Dragonloft

Mia was afraid of the fog. I rode a bit in front of her so she could just follow my tail lights. I said monsters come in the fog, but I would fight them off with flowers. She talked about how she could earn Wolf’s trust. She wants to treat people for free. I suggested she talk with Serana about an infirmary.

Ms. Angelou might give me etiquette lessons, but she wants things in return that I can’t currently acquire.

Mia is not making a good impression. She’s talking about strapping Wolf down and called him a test subject. We’re having a meeting inside to talk about it. I’m regretting bringing her here. She didn’t bother to attend our meeting. Serana is willing to set Wolf’s hand!


I finished a wool blanket for Wolf. It has Dragonloft’s colors and Wolf’s name on it.

Alex referenced Serana on the radio to some other person, so I replied to him that she might be happy to hear from him. If he replied, I didn’t hear it.

A dear named Kyan has arrived. He’s cooking some foreign food next to me while I cook for Wolf. Wolf was interested in the smell from the fire pit, but gave a small growl when I invited him to sit with me. Kyan got scared and hopped to the other side of me to hide. I learned from Emily that the cage was indeed built for Wolf, and that his broken hand and bruises all came from him throwing himself at the bars trying to get out. Emily thinks he might like a doll that looks like Ms. Angelou. *a little smiley face*

Wolf left. Emily and I followed. Emily asked him what’s wrong. He growled at us and said “noisy.” We promised him a safe and quiet place in the manor. Emily turned back to get a vehicle, and Wolf followed her. Once back, we got him in the manor quickly. Amanita tried befriending him, but he was too stressed to take it well.

Serana feels overwhelmed. Drew Decker wants some parties for his fiancé, and the manor isn’t nearly ready.

Kyan saw his first snow, but was sad his friend Oscar had left town so he couldn’t share his excitement.


I’m helping Serana install a lock in the Dragon Forge. We had one of those bantering conversations that I love having with her. Then something happened. At one point she said what this room will be, and a sort of song came into my head and when I looked around, I could actually see what it’s going to look like. I think this room is special. Something got switched on in me, and words filled up my head, flowing quickly and easily and all along there was that humming tune. I believe that’s what is called a Muse. The words just spewed out, and I caught them on paper before they could escape in the air. Is my muse this room or is it Serana? It’s the first time I’ve really been alone with her inside, since that first time we met in her guild hall. The poem is called The Ruby Dragon. It’s all of my feelings about how Serana can do anything. Really anything.

We went outside to build a window frame. You’d think the window somehow offended Serana, the way she tries to kill it with the knife. My work is much more elegant. I can anticipate the grain and make the knife do a romantic close dance along the wood’s body.

I complimented Kyan’s crown. He says it’s because he’s the king of the fishies. He asked what I like to do best. I said to fly, and even though I can’t really fly, it almost feels like I can on the motorcycle. I asked where he lives. He doesn’t know for sure, but thinks it’s in Drew Decker’s truck.

Serana wants to see the poem. I put it in an envelope for her to save for when she has a bad day. It might lift her spirits back up. Half of me wants her to read it right now, while half is embarrassed and wants her to wait or never see it at all. She said now she’s hoping to have a bad day, and I told her I hope she never needs to read it. I really would like for her to never have a bad day. I like when she leans into me with her little smiles.

I asked her to put me on the census as Official Hawk Catcher of These Many Realms. She put me as Assistant and Hawk Catcher. I egged her on and called her a wimp. She raised her brows at me and changed it to Assistant and Official Hawk Catcher of Little Manners. Even though we were playing, I suspect the raised brow is a real sign of hers. I just don’t know if it’s a final warning such that I have a chance to change the outcome, or if she does it when she’s already decided to take action.

Mia has been told that her services will not be needed. She left in a pout. Emily also is leaving. She’s given me some brisket, rack of lamb, and honey for Wolf. She and Marco are going to Akypor, then back here, then to the north of the island. She left the fur pants, which she said smell of her.


Kyan was totally bowled over by a snow leopard. It was funny. He’s totally excited about the snow. I’ve hired him to make a flowerpot.

Ms. Angelou has given me permission to hunt, not seeming to care about a proper hunting license as stated in the laws. She asked if I need anything for my business. I thanked her, but said I must earn for myself, or else I won’t learn anything or improve myself. She said my attitude was proper and very sweet, then said I’m foolish to not accept a loan from N. Loreis, Inc. I don’t want to have debt so I insisted on not accepting the help.

Serana said she is proud of me and impressed and she leaned in with a smile. It feels good to know she is pleased. She told me again about “the game” that we play with words and respect and all of that. It made me think of an additional verse for her poem so I asked to have it back briefly. She chewed her lip. I think that means she has already read it and doesn’t know whether to admit it or not. I joked that I accidentally erased the poem, and she raised her brow at me, asking if I was trying to get into trouble. For some reason, I do want to see what happens when I am in trouble with her. It seems exciting and dangerous. I joked about her raised brow, egging her on further, then claimed I was safe from being in trouble for a time because I was so impressive and all. I went outside, and she followed, hitting me over the head with a pillow. It’s so fun to play with her. I could do this all the time! I continued to be cocky until she raised her brow. She immediately followed that with starting to read the poem, so I think when the brow comes up it means she’s decided to take action.

I followed her inside and she kissed me! She is soft and warm and when her lips touched mine, everything inside of me melted. Then a raging fear welled up and I thought my heart would burst from it. How can someone melt and explode at the same time? I asked her to wait, and let her feel my heart on the brink. But she wasn’t having any of it and I can’t deny her. I tried to tell her that I don’t have any defense against her, that there is no balance here. She won’t hear it. I asked her to not burn me to the ground. She says she would never hurt me.


[inappropriate content]


[inappropriate content]


I taught Kyan to make a little game of flipping coins. He liked the idea and declared that the obverse side means I should buy him some ice cream. He flipped the reverse side, but I might buy him ice cream anyway. I taught him a bit about coins, including how to tell when they are real.

Serena’s business outfit is complete. It fits her perfectly. I’ll have to refrain from calling out to people, “Haha, my boss is way hotter than yours!"

In the manor, she said I don’t respect her because I think she is weak for not wanting to be a monster. She said we will have our little game, fighting for dominance. She won’t receive my poems anymore, and won’t be giving me any sweet things, either. She is going to [redacted], and intends to make the first move in our game. I am incredibly excited and equally afraid.

When I considered having girls in every trade town, I knew I could be romantic to them and wouldn’t try to hurt them on purpose, but also knew that I would be the dominant force and that none of them could get anywhere near having the upper hand with me. If they tried, I would relish twisting them up and then pulling them apart into little pieces. With Serana, everything is different. Josephine Sunborn has built a temple to the wrong god. The one who should be worshiped is made of flesh and blood.


Why does it feel like Serana has been gone forever? There’s an ache in my chest and my stomach feels twisted. I wrote Homesick. I’ll put it here since I can’t give it to her.


Joyful when you’re near
Somber when you’re far
Home is not a place
Home is where you are

Can’t pin in on a map
Your eyes my guiding star
Home is not a place
My home is were you are

I think I know what the poems are. Basically, I sometimes feel things very intensely, but also feel too nervous or shy to express them verbally. And it also feels like there are ten different responses I want to give to a simple question or statement. I can’t simplify them and say them clearly. So, I just don’t say any of them. It’s like when Serana chews her lip or throws her hair over her shoulder or smiles at me while leaning in. I feel a thrill at all of those things, but if someone asked what I felt I’d probably say nothing and just faint. But I can say it on paper. In fact, I can’t avoid saying it on paper when my muse attacks. But sometimes I can’t say it on paper, either. Like now. My muse is gone, so I can only write short, brutish little things and even a few lines are a struggle.

Amanita wants to hold a raffle at the Klojt Festival, as a form of advertisement for Dragonloft’s artisans. I asked how the items would be funded, and she didn’t know. Her item would be an awesome dragon clutching a ruby. I want it. How hard would it be to pull off a heist in the middle of the festival? I suggested she raffle something of less value, while still showing off the various items in a display case so the artisans can discuss them with potential customers.

Ms. Angelou and I got to know each other a bit. I’m starting to like her a little. She says I must never dress to please the lustful eyes of men. I just laughed and promised I’d never dress to please any man. I don’t think she got the joke.

I started taming my first hawk. Hopefully Wolf can learn to steal its eggs and then he will have a form of currency. Then maybe this town will like him if they see him as a customer.

Kyan likes to talk about sweets, and gave me a lemon drop. It was good! I told him he could take over the world with them. He wants to fill the whole truck with lemon drops. I told him that if he does, and then sleeps in the truck, he will have sweet dreams.

I wrote Lemon Drops.


Josephine Sunborn has had an epiphany. She did not elaborate.

I killed a dire wolf. Wolf came outside while I was processing the carcass. I gave him the gorey bits and he loved it. I whistled to the hawk, which upset Wolf. I ignored him and he relaxed a moment later. Amanita tried feeding Wolf. He called her stupid and growled. He also called her “woman” and said Emiwoman because he misses her. I gave him Emily’s pants. He chewed them and quickly lost interest. We went into the headquarters to call for Emily on the radio. Wolf sniffed everyone but didn’t growl at anyone. I stretched out on the floor to sleep while we waited for Emily. Wolf brought me some food and fell asleep using my leg as a pillow. He called me Corwoman.


Of course, there was a huge argument on the radio involving the entire population of the world, and Wolf got stressed. Emily finally answered and Wolf got all excited and jumped around the room knocking things over. I knew the fun would end soon, so I got Wolf excited about going outside to play. Just in time, too, for Ms. Angelou gave me an earful just then. I got a bit snippy with her before taking Wolf to the manor. She followed and was a bit snippy herself, but then complemented my patience with Wolf.

I teased Wolf with the ball and then finally threw it to him. He seems to really enjoy it.

Kyan found a mound of sugar in the pantry, so he’s of course having a great day. I secretly hope he stays here, and secretly want to adopt him. I’d spoil the hell out of him an let him run his own candy shop where he doesn’t even have to make people pay for the candy if he doesn’t want to. I’d also contract some custom tailoring for him. The poor little guy practically falls out of his pants when he walks. This town needs someone who is absurdly adorable and innocent to balance out the cold capitalism.


Two women spawned one after the other today. One is funny and inappropriate and practically crushed Amanita with a window frame. The other is a royal bitch. I wanted to slap her. The latter went down the road in a bubble of self righteousness. The former poked Mr. Borgby in the face as some from of employment interview.

Wolf had a bad dream and woke up all snarly, causing Kyan to climb a bookshelf from fear. Wolf was fine after just a moment, playing with the ball contentedly. I consoled Kyan.

I tamed a hawk! I made a fake nest, hoping to get Wolf to fetch his ball from it to simulate stealing eggs. Wolf just chewed on the ball and said, “Mine. I tried trading him meat for the ball. He stole the meat from me and kept the ball. Sneaky bastard.


Pepper needs silk, gems, and cotton

Wolf called Amanita “Greedy,” and later named her "Greedwoman."

Amanita took the car to Klojt to get gems from Elyos. She does not drive well.

Kyan had a heart attack. I called PDW to let his people know. It turns out he made friends wherever he went, so there was a bit of exchanging of memories regarding him with the people of some various towns. I made him a little poem and stuck it inside his candy jar. I’m keeping the jar to give to some other innocent soul like Kyan. Wolf comforted me by licking my hand. I carefully took the opportunity to touch his shoulder, and he didn’t growl or draw back. Ms. Sunborn said, “Snow falls and the wind is bitter and cold, and another soul leaves this world. May you find your way safely through the Void and return to the warm embrace of the Almighty Sun.” It was pretty, and I’ve noticed she doesn’t offer any negative comments about Wolf. Maybe she’s not so bad.


Wolf has been sneezing since I tamed the hawk. I tickled his nose with some feathers to see if that’s what’s causing the sneezing. He tried to eat them before learning they weren’t interesting, but they didn’t cause him to sneeze. I asked if he was cold, but he didn’t seem to understand. We played tug of war with the doll. Later I sat on my bike while Wolf sat in the sidecar. I didn’t start the engine, worrying it would scare him. At least I know he isn’t afraid to enter a vehicle in general.

Djavet is looking for work. He says he’s not creative, but is a good worker. I told him Serana is renovating a building and he should talk to her when she returns.

I sort of have a Poem, called Waterfall. I can’t get it to come together in a way that I can write down. Where is my muse?


Everyone is sleeping, and many are hungry.

There’s a blizzard! I love it. I wrapped Wolf in his wool blanket, even though he shows no signs of being bothered by the cold. Then I hunted a dire wolf. Wolf freaked out and hid from me in the sidecar. I sat next to him and he growled. I apologized and told him I was stupid. He said, “want Emiwoman.” A man spawned just then and Wolf approached him angrily and aggressively. We retreated to the manor where Wolf said he snarled at the man because the man is “stupid.” I told him that everyone is a little stupid, and he can’t just growl at people all the time. I told him what Ms. Angelou said after we used the radio, about her threat to throw Wolf back in the cage. He freaked out, backing into the door while yelling Bad! and Kill! several times, before collapsing in a terrified heap. I sat with him and told him he is okay. He flinched at first when I tried to touch him, then relaxed and we slept next to each other after I stroked his hair and shoulder for a time. Ms. Angelou’s name is Stupid Badwoman. I recited Homesick to him, since it seems to express his current situation of missing Emily as much as my own of missing Serana. He whined. I suggested we later howl to the valley below, saying maybe Emiwoman and Serwoman would hear us.


I killed a mouflon to feed Wolf and the hawk. Wolf and I played ball outside. He will give me the ball when he’s excited to play.

Everyone is still sleeping.


Why won’t anyone wake up? It's lonely. What am I supposed to do with the bodies? I know this town has burial rituals but I don't know what they are. I’m taming a second hawk.

I asked Dragon-under-Forge to tell me if it is the Forge or if it is Serana that is my muse.

I dreamed I was in the Forge. It was dark except for the glow of the furnace. Golden viscous liquid was churning in the furnace. Except it wasn’t molten metal in there. It was a glowing golden dragon slowly swirling over and through itself. Steam rose off of it but I touched it and it was cold.


Amanita returned with gems and things. She was sad when Patrick died shortly after, and then tripped over one of the bodies in the headquarters, getting quite a shock from the scene. She helped me carry the bodies to the abandoned building. I asked if she saw Serana in Klojt, but she didn’t. Where is she?

Mr. Borgby and Mr. Decker have woken up. We carried Kyan again, this time to Drew’s truck so Kyan can be taken for burial in Olip. Drew asked about Wolf, and I explained that I’m staying with him until Emily returns. Drew said I do a good job with Wolf, and Wolf would be better off with me. I told him how my job requires lots of travel, and he suggested I take Wolf with me. I thanked him but said it isn’t my decision.

Theo has spawned. He seems active and is working with Amanita.


I radioed Serana to check in with her. She never wastes time, and should have been back ages ago. I’m partly worried that something bad has happened, and partly jealous that maybe she is visiting Luc, and partly thinking it’s none of my business and I don’t have a right to check up on her.

I have tamed a second hawk.

The blizzard continues. It’s been going on for days.


Wolf is still sleeping. I wrapped him more snuggly in his blanket.

Kothe will die soon. I’ve taken him to the abandoned building until everyone can be buried, and have asked Ms. Sunborn if there is anything she says for the deceased or if there is any ritual or anything.

Pepper briefly woke up.

I’ve asked Amanita to let me know if Serana replied to my call. She asked if we should call again, and I said no. I don’t want to sound overly worried or nosey about what Serana is doing. I have two more poems, but I can’t extract them from the place they come from. They float by in front of me, but my fingers can’t reach them.


People are finally waking up around here. I’ve told both Wolf and Amanita, privately, that Amanita will be given Wolf’s ball if he doesn’t stop being so growly at her.

Novus asked for help during the last hour of road construction, so that it would be a communal effort. Several of us helped. No more full day trips up the mountain!

Drew is going to make the pumpkin pie that Kyan wanted to make for us.

Another person died. I think she was the one trying to do something with the Inn.

I prayed to the dragon under the forge that Serana was safe and would be home soon.

I dreamed that pirates kidnapped Serana. I didn’t have money for her ransom, but paid with a song. They released her, then kidnapped me and made me pay with a second song. In the dream, I didn’t actually hear the songs, it was just the vague knowledge that I created and gave songs to them. But when I woke, I knew both songs like they were real. I’ll write them down soon.


Kothe died, as well as a man I don’t know.

Serana is back! I showed her Fatty Hawk. During her trip, she amputated Braeden’s hand. She got her drunk, cut off the flow of blood, cut the hand off with a saber, then cauterized the wound before applying medicine and a bandage. Holy crap!
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Re: Cantr II Webzine - Articles Needed!

Postby MonkeyPants4736 » Sat Oct 01, 2016 11:17 pm

4912- Dragonloft

I suggested Serana seek ownership of the inn, since the timing seems right.
She feels spread thin, and is already considering an arena as another business venture. She had a long chat with Alex and he will visit soon.

Braeden said something about a “dragon.” I wondered at the timing since I myself have recently been talking to the Dragon. But I think she just meant Coventina.

I suggested that Novus hire me for gold to perform burial services. He agreed to my fee, but I feel guilty because I though burials would take longer than they do and I charged based on the assumed longer time. I didn’t offer a refund.

I asked for the key to the forge to try talking to the dragon and to exercise and practice dancing. Serana wants to dance with me. She doesn’t feel well. I don’t like when she feels stress.

Drew Decker baked us all a pumpkin pie, since Kyan had wanted to do that. It was a sweet gesture.

4913- Dragonloft

Ms. Angelou briefly woke, thanked me for performing a few housekeeping functions around town recently while people slept, then glared at me. She always glares at me. She passed me the warehouse key and an list of items Drew Decker ordered, asking me to fill the order. She promised compensation but did not say what. Only about half of the items are already made, so this order is going to be a pain.

I feel restless. This is a long time to be in one place.

4914- Dragonloft

I buried four of the dead. Adopting Meatface proved a failure.

Novus and Greed finally woke up and asked what’s been happening. I updated everyone and they think I should start a newsletter. I explained that I will travel constantly for work once Emily returns to care for Wolf, so someone else should do the newsletter. Greed and I discussed clothing options for Wolf.

I gave Serana my diary. Partly I wanted her to see the part about the drama between Braeden and Coventina, without having to rip out those entries. Partly I just wanted to be open with her.

We went to the Forge. Serana tried on her new jewelry. I think the point of jewelry is to make the wearer look better, but it was Serana who made the jewelry look better. Her ears are cute. I had a strong urge to bite them, but I simply ran my fingers over gently. We talked about missing each other. She guided us in a dance, before I took a turn leading. She was graceful, while I was clumsy, but that’s okay because I know I can improve. There was something pleasing about me being the one who knew where we were going, for once.

4915- Dragonloft

I kissed Serana, with my mouth tasting of lemon. I told her that bitterness is something she might taste, but not something she will feel with me. I said it in a cute way, but I really don’t ever want to be the cause of any bad feelings for her. Before we left the forge, I thanked the Dragon for Serana’s safe return and asked it to wake Wolf up. I told it that I couldn’t tell if I was able to write again, but felt that something was happening and thanked it in case it had listened to my request.

Outside, we carried out the body of Sarah, the previous innkeeper. I took a brief tour of the inn with Djavet, the other innkeeper.

Serana is not mad that I stole the dried dung from Tycha, and said my other indiscretions were minor. I’m glad, because I’ve felt bad about those things for quite a time now, and they were part of the reason I didn’t think I was good enough for Serana. She says she has a few crimes of her own, which I can learn later.

Greed and I discussed problems with clothing Wolf, namely restrictiveness of the clothing versus Wolf’s ability to get in and out of the clothes on his own.

Amanita had me calculate what she owed the town for 500 gold she had been lent. I accepted the payment, then gave it to Novus. Amanita says she has no mind for numbers. If she always needs a middle man to help her with transactions, she could be taken advantage of. Luckily, I calculated fairly but what if the next middle man cheats her?

Drew and Serana had tea with me in the manor. We played a gambling game called Dragon’s Treasure that I made up that moment. It’s cute, but needs improvement.

4916- Dragonloft

I took a second tour of the inn. Djavet and I agreed loosely to a partnership. I won’t be here enough to develop the inn myself. It will only work if I buy the materials and other costs, while Djavet does the construction.

Wolf briefly woke. I told him we’d be taking a trip to Klojt soon. Hopefully he won’t panic in a vehicle.

Novus has announced a plan to privatize government assets, as well as the founding of The Dragonloft Republic. He also announced a new coin system, and is collecting Klojts from people to trade for resources. We aren’t giving him our IKs because we can probably trade for ourselves better than he can trade. However, the timing is interesting since Serana and I recently discussed dumping coins for resources anyway.

4917- Dragonloft

My Spawnday! I am probably the happiest 24 year old in existence.

The town was lively with everyone discussing the upcoming changes. Serana, Wolf and I are going to Klojt to offload our old currency.

On the road to Klojt, we discussed whether Serana should sell her building in Klojt. I thought she should keep it. We speculated about how Coventina might handle the upcoming changes in the region, as well as how Akypor and PDW might be affected, etc.


4918- Road to Klojt, Klojt

We discussed the inn, which I’d like to turn into a brothel, pub, and gambling den. We talked strategies with Klojt’s stock totals, and speculated about Novus.

I’m staying in Klojt to acquire an inheritance trust of Elizabeth Lionheart. I plan to use the inheritence to create a business incubator so that people can start businesses with no start-up risks or debts. Serana and Wolf are briefly going back to Dragonloft to drop things off and make room in the van.

4919- Klojt

I mostly made small talk with Elyos, Coventina, and Erich. I advertised looking for someone like Kyan to receive the candy jar. Elyos will now include lemon drops in the festival gift bags in honor of Kyan. There was a very old man who said I reminded him of his young self. He said I should never give up being curious and seeking.

I asked the poet Vedri Nialos is we could talk some poet philosophy. I was told he had been asleep for years, so not to expect an answer. But he woke up! We spoke and concluded that people are not born poets, but rather are invaded by muses at some point. I asked how I can determine what my muse is in the case where I have more than one suspect. He said it’s possible to have more than one muse. His muses used to be from nature, but lately they are from death. He suggested we collaborate on something.

4920- Klojt

Erich gave me a copy of Elizabeth’s will. Rueben hollered with excitement that today is his spawn day. I helped Coventina carry some sleepers to the hospice. Coventina is 198. I told her she needs to have a big party for her 200th spawn day. Catching fish seemed fun, but I only managed to get the hook caught on my shirt or other objects every time I cast the line. Coventina and I discussed love. She has lost all of her lovers and close friends over the years, but she told me I shouldn’t be afraid of losing. She says it’s better to love and lose than not love in the first place. I gave her a copy of "Walk With Me" since it’s about death and losing a loved one. Luc arrived and asked after Serana. Serana arrived a little later and asked after Luc. Bah!

4921- Klojt

Elyos says the festival will occur in winter according to meteorological studies by Mundo Bucks. I asked if there will be gambling at the festival. I’m helping Elyos paint some vases. Opando is the animal herder of Klojt. We plan to compare hunting and domestication yields. A newspawn named Tabitha wrote a poem about spawning.

4922- Klojt

I went to the guild hall to practice dancing, then raided the yard as tradition requires.

Elyos showed off some cool leather boots with geometric patterns on them. Before I could ask to buy them, he gave them to a young man named Partho. I was feeling warm towards Elyos from our chats, so I showed him my sketch of the dragon egg and asked his advice. He drew me a sketch based on mine. It was much more artfully done than mine, yet I immediately decided not to use his design. Even if mine wasn’t as good, it still came from me and that is the whole point of the egg. Tabitha and I spoke a bit about poetry and muses. I traded Elyos a poem for rubies, so that Ms. Angelou will teach me etiquette. But the only poem I had to trade was Pedestal, and I immediately felt dirty. He asked what it was about. I said, "The sentiment of the poem is that the narrator is madly in love with someone she views as a living god. She has placed the person on such a high pedestal, that she feels incredibly vulnerable and towered over. Even though the imbalance is the narrator’s own fault, she is terrified that the other person will tear her to shreds if she truly opens up her feelings.”

I met Shona Hooha. She complimented my ring so I advertised for Amanita. She made crass jokes and did a cartwheel. I challenged her to a little competition to see who could do a handstand the longest. She won.

Luc has asked me about the population of Dragonloft, then the active population of Dragonloft, then the number of people available for hire as factory workers, and finally asked if everyone owns their own business. I explained that everyone in Dragonloft either has their own business or works for a private business, so there probably aren’t any available factory workers.

Luc asked Serana to step out of her van. He said she looks stunning, then proceeded to eye bang her in the town square quite plainly for anyone to see. Everything inside of me twisted. I wanted to hurt him. I imagined punching him in the mouth and kneeing him in the crotch and tampering with his bike. I almost went to stand next to her, worried he would try to touch her. But if I had done anything, even the smallest gesture meant to support her, it would have drawn more attention to her in a way she wouldn’t want. Once his penis brain had its main priority taken care of, he moved on to the apparently less important topic of how she is feeling. The conversation then moved on to business topics. I’ve always known that she will attract suiters. She is smart and charming and gorgeous. People are right to be drawn to those qualities. But it also makes me jealous, and a little worried that someone will try getting gropey with her.

4923- Klojt, road to Dragonloft

I spoke with Coventina a bit about her past. She spawned in Klojt 199 years ago! She went to explore the world, working as a courtesan on a ship. However, the captain named Adam Brinks locked her in the hold for a long time and took everything from her. She got on another ship eventually, but that captain named Max Sharp killed the crew aside from Coventina and one other girl. They split up to escape and Max chose to chase the other girl. I asked if Coventina would kill them if she saw them again. She said yes.

Tabitha was shrinking away from those she had tried relating with. I suggested she not be afraid and grab at what she wanted. She said she tried but was being shut out.

I scrambled all over looking for all of the herb projects I had outside and in three of the buildings, plus packed up my haul from The Yard and the inheritance of Elizabeth Lionheart. A productive several days.

I told Serana I got rubies. She asked what I paid for them. I was so nervous telling her I’d sold a poem. She asked why I would do that so I explained about Ms. Angelou’s offer. She said if I was so desperate for lessons, she would have paid for them. Further, she considered Ms. Angelou a poor source for learning manners and assumed her price was unreasonable and possibly a trick to get rubies from Serana. She was irked that Elyos had something personal written about her and that it regarded qualities that weren’t her most flattering ones. It bothered her that he had a personal piece of me, saying it was a part of my soul and she mourns the loss. I felt ashamed. Serana said Ms. Angelou’s lessons had better be phenomenal.

On the road, we spoke of happier topics. I told her my conversation with Vedri. I showed her Walk With Me. She said I should sign my poems.

Wolf woke! I asked for Emily on the radio for him. I tried asking him if he wants a tail, thinking I could then get him into clothes. He barked and licked my face and I can’t tell if he understood. Emily didn’t reply. I asked Serana if she would have left Wolf behind if she were Emily. I asked how Emily could know I would take care of him and not fall to sleep or abandon him. She said she wouldn’t have left him behind, because she prefers to keep a close eye on those she feels responsible for and committed to. She said luckily I am trustworthy, and Emily probably didn’t want to risk a problem on the road with Wolf. She said that if Wolf continues in my care, he is welcome to live in her manor and welcome to her food.

I asked her if personal questions are allowed about Luc. She said yes, so I asked how she felt when he looked at her like that in front of everyone. She said she felt like a piece of meat. Like an object. She hoped I understood why she allowed it, and mentioned that we have never discussed other romantic interests before. I gave her “Waterfall". She couldn’t tell if the ending was happy or sad or both.


4924- Dragonloft

I gave "Dragons Rising" to Novus, to commemorate the founding of the Republic. The order for Mr. Decker had still not been completed, so I made it a personal mission to bring that to conclusion as well as to handle the confusions he and Amanita both had surrounding an order for a ring. Honestly! What sort of reputation will Dragonloft get if simple orders or ring purchases can’t be easily handled? Mr. Decker wonders is Serana might amputate his leg at a later date.

Djavet and I discussed the Inn and had small talk. I handled a petrol sale between Novus and Mia Porter. Mia can’t read maps well, so I wrote down directions to get to the Eastern coast. Amanita laughed at her and Wolf called her stupid. She gave Mr. Borgby a hug and left sniffling.

Serana wants to start a school of economics. I told her I would happily attend in order to disrupt her classes to get in trouble. We poked at each other a while until she locked me out of the manor and laughed from the window. When Wolf woke, I lured her back out saying she should play ball with him. We discussed a tea or brandy fountain in the ballroom. Greed happily volunteered to test it. Serana announced the upcoming raw goods store and mailbox system.

Wolf said Stupid out of the blue. Serana whispered something to him. She and I discussed the effects of varying guilder values.
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Re: Cantr II Webzine - Articles Needed!

Postby Millhouse » Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:34 pm

Someone was kind enough to PM Marble's old will and Testament. This was written right after his foot was amputated. He wrote a lot and there's an unfinished journal he stashed away before he died. To whoever found his notes, the adult oriented writings weren't his. I can't remember if I wrote down any of the horror stories he wrote. There was one about an evil sentient lighthouse, and a section he wrote for the Cantr cross-island add a section story. Anyway, here's that journal.

Final Will and Testament of Marble Forsythe

My name is Marble Forsythe, and this is my final will and testament. I believe that
my life will soon be ended, or I shall spend my remaining days locked away in a cell
or cargo hold, forced to starve or die a slow boring death.

My life began in the industrial city of Klojt. I learned at an early age my
proclivity for things mechanical. I made an honest yet meager wage manufacturing
telescope parts in the Klojt workshop. It was interesting work for a time. Telescopes
are interesting things, but my status in life put me far beyond the opportunity to
own one.

My thoughts soon wandered and I found that Klojt was home to some very wealthy and
attractive women. I tried charming one, a woman by the name of Emerald Greene. Oh,
what a fool was I. I was utterly invisible to her. Not even when I helped elevate her
status by slyly suggesting her superior take a holiday did Emerald even take notice
of my advances.

Soon after that I met Casia and Offering. Casia spawned in Klojt about a year after
me. She was quiet and shy, but very wakeful. Offering sailed into Klojt a few days
later, another rich trader to Klojt. She was a peculiar woman. Four feet in height,
terse, and very old. She sailed alone, and I would later find that her friends were
had all died. She offered to me tools from her ship a life beyond Klojt. She had made
a plan to trade in her considerable wealth for food and cloth, then sail from port to
port giving away all manner of things to young people in need.

Together with Casia, we left Klojt to embark on this mission of giving aboard the
Mighty Tiger Explorer. On our way out of the harbor, we passed a unique ship that
belonged to a man named Elyos, who had just returned from a multiple years tour
around the English speaking lands. In retrospect, I wish that I had stayed in Klojt
to meet him. I sailed for 4 years with Offering and Casia, stopping in dozens of
ports, meeting and greeting hundreds of people. We went from Klojt all around Nazy
Bay, then on to Shai, and eventually the western and southern cost of Cantr.

Most towns were sleepy, or had no young people. Most of the young people we met were
disinterested in our offer. More likely they were just disinterested in life in
general. Our food stocks did not dwindle. The clothing collected cobwebs. Some tools
found their way to the hands of hard-working and wakeful newspawn, but for the most
part the mission was failing.

I was given command of the mission for a short while. I steered us to towns, kept
inventory, and handled the handouts. I enjoyed the freedom of commanding the mission,
deciding where we traveled and when. But it also gave me a true sense of the futility
of it all.

I should have walked away. Given back my keys and found a place to settle. But the
sea beckoned and a life of adventure tugged at my sensibilities. And so while in port
at Tircqi, while Offering and Casia were busy in the grass fields, I went to the ship
to unburden my arms. I found myself staring into the sea, to possible adventures
ahead. As you can guess, my will was weak and out to sea I headed.

And so that brings us to current events. I sailed for three hours and had barely made
it out of view of the town when they gave chase. The irony is that I should have
outsailed any pursuers. The Tiger has all manner of sails and masts. But the damned
food, it weighs on her terribly. In a tragic twist of fate, I was foiled by the very
same stock of potatoes and rice that had spurred my discontent. When the Tircqi
pursuers caught up with me, Offering and Casia in tow, they dragged me to the cargo
hold and locked me in among the damned potatoes.

I was told I would be taken to a prison in Tirqci. I begged to be kept on the ship
instead. That decision cost me dearly. The only way I could stay is if Offering took
off my foot. My choices were to rot in prison or lose my foot. I chose my life.
Offering used her battleaxe to dismember my right foot at the heel, and now I am
prisoner in her hold, with an anguishing wound that will leave me crippled for life,
however long that may be. I may end up imprisoned my entire life, or I may be killed.

If I should die, I would like to be buried at sea off the eastern coast of Tircqi, so
that my body can rejoin my foot which was cast overboard when it was taken from me. I
want to be buried with my bow, my most prized possession. If my pet crow does not
die, I would like for Casia to care for it. I left it in the cargo hold with enough
meat to live for half a year or more. I would like Emerald Greene in Klojt to know
that she lit a fire in my loins. And I would like Offering to know that I am sorry
for my crime, but I will never forgive her for removing my foot. That's just cold
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Re: Cantr II Webzine - Articles Needed!

Postby MonkeyPants4736 » Sun May 28, 2017 8:48 pm

One of my characters recently came across an old "poem."

For out-of-character interest for anyone with a MacGregor character...This was not a poem written for entertainment. It was a coded message. Specifically, it was a call to arms. The "vultures" were an enemy. The reference to "seasoned hunters" was asking the original members of The Magnificent Seven and others in their spy network to join MacGregor to tend to the problem. The reference to "young" hunters meant "bring recruits." My memory is too faulty now to remember what else was coded in the poem by that player, but I thought any current MacGregors might enjoy that tidbit of history.

3) The Thrill of the Hunt-by Gregor MacGregor

The vulture wakes from ancient sleep
Lays its eggs and nests them deep
The eggs they hatch and quietly
They circle low below the trees

They are struck down one by one
By hunters seasoned by hunters young
From quiet hills and gentle seas
The vultures fly into the trees

When the hunters blink their eyes
They glimpse feathers on those standing by
Yet these birds are small in size
And the hunters want a bigger prize

"Fellow hunters!" these men call.
"Fellow hunters one and all.
We`ve opened up the hunting grounds,
And there`s meat enough to go around."
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Re: Cantr II Webzine - Articles Needed!

Postby *Wiro » Mon May 29, 2017 10:33 pm

Thanks for sharing your perspectives, Monkey. It was interesting reading about my little birds from an outsider's perspective, and to discover the inner machinations of yours.
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Re: Cantr II Webzine - Articles Needed!

Postby PaintedbyRoses » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:53 pm

Does this webzine still get published?
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Re: Cantr II Webzine - Articles Needed!

Postby Joshuamonkey » Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:47 am

If you're interested in adding content, yes. :)
I usually post every month now (I was sick last month and got behind), but there isn't currently other content added. You can submit an article using the submission form or by sending it to me. You can also apply for an author account on the Webzine at this page:
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