The Dead Character Thread

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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Raul » Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:37 pm

Interesting :shock:
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Arval » Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:22 pm

So, I hit the X a few days ago. I would have liked to play longer, had more time to have fun with you and develop more their stories. But for better or for worse, complications have assured this last year and I am moving out of my parents’ after summer. It has been a pleasure to roleplay with you all. Thanks for helping me grow as a writer.

Now, time to remove the mask:

Cleitus - My first character and most likely my favourite. I can’t believe how much has he helped me to the understanding of poetry. Created about the same time my obsession for The Flowers of Evil began to flourish, he lived his life as Aros’ personal butler and eventually met his end as a cursed tragic poet. I know there are characters and/or players who didn’t like him but to me that’s good, because a wide array of different impressions plays to the character’s humanism. My only regrets are my dying inspiration on his roleplays with Aros and Ruby and not daring to go full Edgar Allan Poe. Don’t worry, Baudelaire of somber skin – because "Cleitus" means “famous” and you've gained your throne in my Hall of Fame.

Ping - Okay, I know I know I know. I said in the forums before they were not mine, but a friend. Well, what can I say? I'm sorry to have lied! Ping was a fantastic character for me, but also a very weird one, and since I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, I was unsure to come out as this character. But after seeing they scored so high in the yearly ranks? Wow! Thanks a-plenty.

Just like Cleitus is a rip-off of the Cursed Poet, Ping is a mix of Frisk and Chara from Undertale. The white butterflies are an inspiration from Nijigahara Holograph. To put it simply, I wanted a mute gimmick that wasn’t a hardship to RP with and then those sources cluttered together. I didn’t decide whether they’d be a “kid” or not until they arrived to San D’Oria, I didn’t even decide they’d want to be a doctor. All I can say this: thanks to everyone who instigated their roleplay, thanks to certain lionman for kickstarting their objective, thanks for the “kids” for being “kids” and thanks to Fritz for coming up with IG explanations that allowed so. And sorry for the staff members who must have observing this madness so nothing went off-track. Gosh, I think that if I could've played this character more, they would have become a mad scientist.

Solash - You must’ve noticed I like taking inspiration from sources, right? Well, Solash from Seastone was based in Disney’s Aladdin! Since my other boy was such a son of a kangaroo and Cleitus merely so… special, I decided to make a total husbando – nice, feasty, handsome and silly. He was born in Seastone though so there wasn’t much a choice. That said, despite we couldn’t find a char we liked enough to pursue a romance with, I enjoyed a lot the natural setting and he became quite an feasty bard with a muse for Ackerbee. He liked walking in the nude on summer, eating fish sandwich near the fire on winter, and he was in general the most superstitious and "primitive" of my characters. Goodbye Solash, aka Sol aka Ash!

Ivy Soufields - Surprisingly she is not based in anyone else but your stereotypical nun or nearsighted librarían. I am a book-nerd myself so it’s not surprise I wanted one. She spawned in Kirinn Soufields (from there her surname) and I made her very pretty to see how would her shyness play with a flirt. There she met a similar-looking man she ingrained as her “brother”, parted ways to Kirinn and asserted her religiousity at the local Church. She believed in a Christian-reminiscent God greatly influenced by her readings (“a Soulkeeper”), but in her case I think it was more of a coping mechanism to aid her poor force of character. Time passed, she mistook a flirting for an abuse and tagged along a passerby primitive (like Solash!) and go live with her “brother”. The rest of her story was searching him ‘til his death, burying him on the Soufields and resolving to build the sloop he had planned among his notes. By mercy or by pity, her Lord decided to escort her by his side.

"Scars" - All hail to Hernán Cortés! Francisco Pizarro! The Admiral of Flies! Or, I’d rather say: "Scars", a man rotten by the land. In a similar fashion to Cleitus’, he was never meant to be likeable. He was brusque, narcissistic, aggressive, foul-mouthed, ill-tempered, cruel and tyranic. It’s no surprise he was born in the wildest of the wilds. He spawned in a city consumed by beasts and nature. He read on a room's walls that his caretaker was an assassin and fled in kayak to search for better lands. After a year or two of seafare, he was helped by a super-awesome hermit who taught them to live. He got so many stitches from animals he looked like Little Chucky. The rest of his life was spent on runaway, trying to build a ship on his own or/and searching to join a crew to more advanced civilizations. He eventually found two or three rakers but they both downplayed his demands. Roleplay-wise, at to me, he died of an illness while building his own ship, beaten by winter.

Guillermina - The second character I made, the first after Cleitus. She was pump girl supposed to be the “I come to the world without knowing-even-how-to-cook-an-egg” gimmick. I was quite saddened with her life. She spawned in a strange village and adopted and named by a passerby. Living long time with them, their “family” grew larger and they basically lived building things, travelling there, scavenging there. Unfortunately for her innocence, the family that adopted her turned out to be more… “malicious” than she expected, and she discovered so when her parent killed friend without apparent explanation. At this point she grew mad, revolted against the family that was now a gang and, losing all will to life, was imprisoned to meet her friend’s fate. Before her beheadment she wrote a secret repent, renegated from her past self and marched to her death with the re-name of Guillermina.

Andrea - The last one of this list and, sadly, the one I got less compelled to. She was the gimmick of a giant, brusque, country woman. She spawned in Haven and had a very simple-minded lifestyle. She “got best friends” with a white donkey which she named “Feúcha” (which means “ugly”), left her town and settled in Basil Bush, and basically lived taking island strolls, picking stuff from here and there. Among her random and fast-paced ideas she tried to revive the local brewery. She always had the forever-debt to return all the leather used for Feúcha’s riding materials back to her hometown, but she never went to that voyage to acquire salt. Well, at least she died quietly, sleeping among rice.

Whew! Sorry for the long read. That turned out way bigger than expected. I suppose I could've cut it down, but I'm too damn content with each of them I wanted to risk sounding a tad pretentious. You guys are awesome and I can't give you enough credit.

Well, GG! Ttyl!

EDIT: Oh! And if you've played with me, please send me an PM if you don't mind. I'm burning to meet you anon faces.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby curious » Tue Jun 19, 2018 11:32 pm

Sorry to see you go. I nearly did the same but am rreally open to reason apparently.

Of yours, One of mine met Ping. If it is the same Ping... well done. Thoroughly great character.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Meorwen » Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:19 pm

I only knew one of yours and I was incredibly sad to see that one die. I wish you all the best, thank you for playing so wonderful while you did.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Estaar » Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:58 pm

One of mine spawned in the town where Ping lived, and I loved seeing her played.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby GoldenApple » Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:55 pm

Dang, I met Cleitus and Ping. Well done. It was a pleasure roleplaying with you.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Millhouse » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:46 pm

I was there for the spawning if both Cleitus and Ping. Two very different characters. Nice to know they were played by the same player. I know Ping ended up near a group of people with a similar play style (mute, note pointing). I thought was a little unfortunate. It was a bit much when all three of you were active. Otherwise GG. Sorry I didn't get to know more of yours.

Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby curious » Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:38 am

Okay... here they are and without much real thought into their motives or anything 'deep'.
I really donlt have the energy any more.

Turner Mills:
That quiet man who just wanted to work in his own little world, ended up disliking where
he worked anyway and was pulled from his shell as he took stock of his word... and by possibly the least likely partner he could even have imagined. He hated his home town and whilst he would want to be returned there, thankfully died on the road with the love of his life.

Edison 'Ed' Muir:
A big soft bear of a man who befriended a tiny human and tried his best to both look after her and give her some new strategies for getting through life. She was his world. He promised he would live to a ripe old age and he would hate himself for not doing so. Now? He's a story.

The man mountain who only ever wanted to help his town and latterly just spend time with his girlfriend. Huw grew to resent all that prohibited him from doing that and especially the 'waste of space' in charge.

The little fat waddler who just wanted to make a home and cook. He spawned in a dump, walked to a town where he couldn't understand the language, nearly (and should have) died from animal attacks, befriended two travellers who transported him to another dump. His most interesting days were travelling around exploring abandoned towns.

He spawned in a place with one friend, one sleeper and a resentful cow of a woman. He had very little, wanted very little but ended up with a motorcycle, which saved his life... and the resentful cow's life too..!

Cosmo died so close to becoming the serial killer he really should have been. He became obsessed with 'clinical' things, anatomy and experimented with poisons. He'd all but worked out how to take his first life and his 'normal' and 'friendly' outward presentation would have allowed him to do so.

Anti-social... Spawned, made a bangle, started working some mindless task for a town and all but gave up.

Silas Watt:
Hardly worth mentioning as, along with a bunch of people who ended up in multi-lingual zones, said two words (neither of which were even his name) and set off on that three week walk of death.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby raspberrytea » Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:01 pm

curious wrote:Cosmo died so close to becoming the serial killer he really should have been.

...Well, that caught me off-guard. :o Nice.

Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby curious » Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:42 pm

Magnus Bloom... a boring sod who looked after the mouflon.
Beetle... a 'quirk'... all of him died at the same time and none of him became anything, and because...

...both these characters died, indirectly as a result of a intensely frustrating and persistent inability to have more than a single reading of any given situation..!

Goodbye... if and when the game should ever improve to even close to what it used to be? Shout me.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby MonkeyPants4736 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 11:28 pm

Keldorn. My attempt at a totally laid back rich dude that just wanted to live a hippy lifestyle. You guys gave him some great RP. Thanks! He meant to write a will, but got too drunk and forgot.

Others who went in the first wave:
Other herb names
Georem Chrovti
Emily of Haven/Sanctum

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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby MonkeyPants4736 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:11 pm

Aros, and Stone Knight Hayden. I met many characters with those two and had lots of great RP. It was a pleasure to play with you all.
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Rmak » Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:46 pm

Boo and hiss at these deaths !
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Slowness_Incarnate » Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:35 pm

Oh no I'll miss Aros. :(
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Re: The Dead Character Thread

Postby Meorwen » Fri Aug 31, 2018 4:05 am

:shock: I'm sad to hear Aros is dead.

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