Thinking about quitting.....

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Re: Thinking about quitting.....

Postby Ahrta » Sun May 07, 2017 4:06 am

You will be missed Mafia!

Who will my character find to be frienemies with?!?!
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Re: Thinking about quitting.....

Postby viktor » Thu May 11, 2017 12:29 am

a lot of the fun has and is being sucked out of cantr as of late.. I'm considering an end..
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Re: Thinking about quitting.....

Postby Shedevil » Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:41 am

I’ve slowly lost interest in the game and only find myself logging in once or twice a week. If even that much. I think the only reason I do is because of a few characters that are near mine. But even then I begin to wonder if my character sleeping is even fair to them. I’ve thought about culling them back to just a select few but then I remember most of them still have some story left and I’m back to forcing myself to remember to even log on. :(

Haven’t quite decided if I’m going to hit the X yet or not but it may end up swinging that way.
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Re: Thinking about quitting.....

Postby Mitch79 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:28 am

Not quitting for me....however, apologies to those who will be affected by my characters that will soon be dying off. I will be down to only 4 characters soon.
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Re: Thinking about quitting.....

Postby Yuna » Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:48 am

Y'alls characters need to find mine. Lol it would get very interesting.
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Re: Thinking about quitting.....

Postby Slowness_Incarnate » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:43 am

I've had 15 for a very long time now and I'm actually pondering shrinking that roster since the others just work incessantly and don't actually DO anything with what they produce.
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Re: Thinking about quitting.....

Postby Snickie » Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:59 pm

*logs on*
Anyone dying? No? Good.
*logs off and doesn't log back in for another 2.5 weeks*
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Re: Thinking about quitting.....

Postby Estaar » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:16 pm

Snickie wrote:*logs on*
Anyone dying? No? Good.
*logs off and doesn't log back in for another 2.5 weeks*

I know that feeling, but not recently. Recently I'm actually enjoying myself.
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Re: Thinking about quitting.....

Postby Bmot » Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:22 pm

Estaar wrote:
Snickie wrote:*logs on*
Anyone dying? No? Good.
*logs off and doesn't log back in for another 2.5 weeks*

I know that feeling, but not recently. Recently I'm actually enjoying myself.

To be fair, it'd be quite bad if you felt like that already, so soon after returning. :mrgreen:
Genie wrote:Liking Cantr is a bit like liking cats. Sometimes you enjoy it and you have good time together, sometimes it hurts you, annoys you very much or sleeps all the day, you still keep a bond with it.
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Re: Thinking about quitting.....

Postby Alladinsane » Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:55 am

Nearly 8 years and I finally x'd out. I do plan to return.

I know its self-serving, but I will list a few chars. Most already knew it so there will be few surprises.
Some of the chars I interacted with were easy to fall in love with, some were a fulfillment of fantasies in real life. I would like to commend so many of you for bringing so much joy through the pictures you were able to pain. Tpb a few really have some talent and its been a privilege to try and keep up with you. I hope you all enjoy a Merry Christmas and take the holiday time to spend with family and loved ones.

For the last time this year: Be well!

Simon Seals- He was once the "evil emperor of the hills and mountains of Dhung". A marital mistake on my part ruined his life there and he chased far to the south. He fell in love again and lived his days with another beautiful woman in the south of cantr island... one of my original 3, he lived to a ripe age. Add your own joke there.

Wesley Turner- (Westerner?)... Probably my favorite even though his life was a bit sedate at the end. His life was filled with a few great relationships and it ended with one of the best... an unintended "hook-up" ended with a long and strong relationship that TPB really treasured. The grumpy old lady (different char was one of the better played chars I ever met... but unfortunately you don't win best player unless you are in a huge city from my experience).. she is one of the greats. Lots of easy to love chars were in his life, thanks to you all!

Russell VI (Virus!)- He was a King in Scareb Haunt before leaving to take over a polish town with the aid of their king at the time. His hearing impaired wife died on him and he spent over 20 years lost in the forest and mountains between there there and scarab haunt... no maps existed for that area. He found a wooden cart and used it to travel... slooow, but at least it held lots of food. Eventually he made it back and lived a blessed life before falling in love and taking a boat all over. Another death and he was not the same.

Reven Tal- it was making fun of the way that Al Sharpton presented himself. A world traveler who circled the "globe" (which it is not!) several times and spent his final days just existing.

Studebaker Hawke- Drifte around before finally taking over the petrol delivery business on cantr island. He never had any serious competition that lasted and became fabulously rich. He and his partner were on a last run, intending to take to a ship he found after the great tragedy in Basillica. Oh well.

Percy- A metrosexual in Hofran... tried to convince some that he was gay and it worked for a while, but he met and fell for a special person who did not share the same feelings at first, patience won out.

Glenda James- I made her by accident, but it turned out well and she met a man who did not seem to enjoy being a man.

Pauline- A hybrid of Paula Dean and my rl mother in law- She had a lot of opinions on matters that were not her business. Klojt was perfect for her.

Luther Sangster- a few rednecks I had worked with (they were proud of that label!) in machine shops inspired him... played lousy guitar and sang. One of the luckiest men around!

Mark - Got involved with a unique house in Klojt... I wish I had done better there, he had some great idea's for serving mixed drinks, his specialty was a Teregotha Iced Tea, but I had a few other idea's for mixtures that I thought about bouncing off of RD, but the idea was probably unworkable.

Zevon - Sioms surfer dude... I didn't finish the design.

All of the characters that so many of you played were what made this such a joy. A few are probably happy... I love those people too.

Merry Christmas and I'll see you again soon.
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